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15 Dec 2017
Les Anuak condamnent les efforts visant à reporter le départ d’Éthiopie de Karuturi
Des associations de la communauté anuak exhortent les gouvernements éthiopien et indien à arrêter leurs négociations avec Karuturi Global Ltd et à faire en sorte que l’entreprise quitte définitivement Gambela et les autres régions d’Éthiopie.
15 Dec 2017
Anuak condemn attempts to delay Karuturi’s exit from Ethiopia
Anuak organisations, with the strong support of international civil society, call on the governments of Ethiopia and India to cease negotiations with Karuturi Global Ltd and to ensure that the company fully exits Gambela and other parts of Ethiopia.
29 Nov 2017 News.et
The Indian company Karuturi Global requests to resume its operations in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Horticulture and Agricultural Investment Authority says it is negotiating with Karuturi Global over a request to continue operations in Ethiopia, after long disagreement with the company about its 100,000 hectare farm project in Gambela Region.
28 Nov 2017 Reuters
Calls to end Africa's 'horrific' land deals after Indian firm's fallout
Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi tells Reuters that the governments of India and Ethiopia are working to “amicably resolve outstanding Karuturi issues”.
20 Nov 2017 The Hindu
No diplomatic immunity to Consul when consulate and private business operate in same premses, says HC
High Court says Karuturi's Honorary Consul of Ethiopia status does not provide immunity from tax authorities and says he violated the sanctity of the consulate by carrying on his other business activities on the premises.
13 Oct 2017 The Standard
Indian lender finally puts Karuturi on the market
ICICI Bank has put Naivasha-based Karuturi Ltd up for sale over a disputed Sh4 billion loan. The planned sale could mark the end for the erstwhile world’s largest rose flower producer.
02 Oct 2017 The Reporter
Karuturi contemplates legal recourse for loss in Ethiopia
Claiming to have made an investment of US$75M and created 4000 jobs, Karuturi is not only appealing for the release or re-export of its properties but to sue Ethiopian officials hereferred to as “responsible” for violations of rights of a foreign entity.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi exige une compensation de l’Éthiopie pour une affaire foncière ratée
La multinationale annonce son intention de sortir du pays suite à l’annulation de son allocation de terres. Karuturi est l’un des premiers investisseurs étrangers à louer des terres en Éthiopie.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi demands compensation from Ethiopia for failed land deal
Karuturi Global Ltd., an Indian flower grower, demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of failed land deals as it prepares to exit the Horn of Africa nation.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi pide indemnización a Etiopía por un negocio sobre tierras fallido
La empresa planea salir del país después de que se cancelara su asignación de tierras. Karuturi fue uno de los primeros inversores extranjeros en arrendar tierras en Etiopía.
21 Jul 2017 Nation
Kenya: Tourist firm Crayfish sues Twiga Roses over unpaid debt
A Naivasha company has sued the cash-strapped flower firm Twiga Roses, formerly Karuturi Limited, seeking to eject it from its land over unpaid land rent and illegal acquisition.
09 Jul 2017 Business Daily
Bank allowed to revive Sh4bn claim against Karuturi
Kenya's Court of Appeal has opened the door for Indian bank ICICI to revive its plans to sell Karuturi’s land in Naivasha valued at $80 million to recover loans extended to the flower firm

Karuturi Global Ltd

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