Arabs invest $850m in Mauritania projects

The investments, equivalent to almost a fifth of the size of the economy, will pump cash into fisheries, agriculture, livestock, health and roads while funding imports from Arab countries to the tune of $145 million.

Overseas farm projects to be insured

The Agricultural Development Fund, the Islamic Development Bank and the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment & Development are holding talks to provide insurance on the agricultural projects being funded by King Abdullah's Initiative for Saudi Agricultural Investment Abroad

IDB eyes Qatar funds to double farm financing

Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank is tapping Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund as well as other government and private entities as the bank seeks to double financing for agriculture sector in developing countries.

Is there such a thing as agro-imperialism?

There’s a whole school of economic thought that says that Collier is wrong, that big is not necessarily better in agriculture — and that the land deals therefore might be unwise not because they’re wrong but because they’re unprofitable.

Saudi threat to India's basmati

"The real worry is that IRRI may help Saudi Arabia produce aromatic rice varieties in Pakistan where these countries have bought large tracts of lands," food policy commentator Devinder Sharma said. "India and Pakistan are already bitter rivals in the Basmati export segment."