Africa's great 'water grab'

Foreign investors aren't just after land in Africa. Access to water is essential – which can bring them into direct competition with the needs of local communities

Public hearing: Food security

With famine hitting the horn of Africa, the European Parliament holds a full-day hearing on food security challenges in developing countries, looking at EU policies, sustainable farming, commodity speculation, land grab and other key food-related issues.

Le mani (italiane) sulla terra

L’Italia non è estranea al fenomeno del land grabbing, anche se gli investimenti in terreni riguardano soprattutto aziende cinesi, indiane o saudite.E i gruppi italiani hanno messo le mani su oltre 1,5 milioni di ettari

Small farmers should get on the "land grab" bandwagon

If you are a small farmer in a developing country, and there is a big agricultural land investment deal going down in your neighbourhood, you could become part of it and make money in several ways, said a new UN-backed study.

Inversores privados resisten marco normativo

Un año después de la controvertida compra irregular de vastas extensiones de tierra en África, las empresas trasnacionales se resisten a respetar un código de conducta que puede asegurar la transparencia.