13 Nov 2017 B&HR
Liberia: EPO releases executive summary of the findings of the company's Human Rights Impact Assessment
This is the executive summary of a report titled “Assessing Human Rights Impacts at EPO’s Liberian Operations” delivered by Triponel Consulting Ltd
02 Nov 2017 RIAO-RDC
Threats on Feronia’s plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Communiqué from RIAO DRC denouncing recent threats and intimidation against communities and NGOs in the oil palm plantation areas of the Canadian company Feronia.
02 Oct 2017 CNCR
Partage et expérimentation de la grille d'analyse des projets à incidence foncière dans la vallée du Fleuve Sénégal
Le CNCR collecte les informations pour procéder à une analyse exhaustive des projets d’investissements sur le foncier dans la commune de Fass Ngom, dont la SCL et le PDIDAS
25 Sep 2017 CDC
Straight KKM 2 Limited enters into agreements to acquire common shares of Feronia Inc.
Mauritius based fund involving Congolese mining businessman Kalaa Mpinga to take a 38% stake in DRC palm oil company Feronia, while the UK's CDC will see its ownership drop to 38%.
16 Sep 2017 FERN
European Development Finance Institutions and land grabs: The need for further independent scrutiny
This study highlights the role of European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in possible land grabs and questionable forestry projects in Africa.
13 Sep 2017 MacauHub
AgDevCo supports banana production in Mozambique
The Africa Agriculture Development Company (AgDevCo) has partnered with Nika SA, a Mozambican investment company, to recover a banana plantation by increasing its planted area and productivity
06 Sep 2017 Agrimoney
Zambeef shares tumble, as weak crop prices, wheat disease hit profits
The group, backed by European development banks, revealed it had sold 90% of its Zampalm operation to the Industrial Development Corporation of Zambia, a state-backed fund, for $16m
31 Aug 2017 GAI
AgDevCo invests $5M in Zambia’s Katito farming enterprises
AgDevCo expects that its investments in two large-scale commercial farming enterprises in Zambia will provide the “critical mass” needed to attract ancillary businesses along the supply chain
22 Aug 2017 CommodAfrica
Dekeloil a démarré sa deuxième unité de palmier à huile en Côte d’Ivoire
Dekeloil a obtenu les droits pour planter des palmiers à huile sur une superficie d’environ 24 000 hectares, principalement sur d’anciennes plantations de cacao et palmier à huile.
26 May 2017 Agrimoney
Farmland Partners may buy land in Canada, but rules out Scottish deal
Farmland Partners is investigating a land purchase in Canada, and looked at farms in Scotland too, in its quest to exploit global farm price growth it sees continuing, driven by the quest to meet food demand.
21 Mar 2017 PRNewswire
AgDevCo and CDC invest US$11.5m in Jacoma Estates Group to expand its Malawian farming operations
The financing from the UK's development finance institution will help Jacoma expand its farming operations at its Tropha Estates in Northern Malawi, where it produces high value macadamia nuts, chilli and paprika.
28 Feb 2017 Reuters
Congo plantation firm financed by UK aid accused of breaking promise to help workers
One of Africa's largest palm oil companies that is majority-owned by the British government through foreign aid funding has failed to meet a promise to improve housing for its Congolese workers or pay them on time, investigations have revealed.


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