Samsung: get out of conflict palm oil!

Samsung subsidiary announced last week that it will be forming a joint venture with Korean-Indonesian agribusiness company, Korindo which was recently exposed for burning and clearing tens of thousands of hectares of Indonesia's rainforest for palm oil and timber production.

Foodpolis sets up foreign investment zone

South Korea government has designated part of the Korea National Food Cluster, or Foodpolis, as a foreign investment zone (FIZ), making it easier for the cluster to attract global food firms seeking to set up a base in Northeast Asia.

Korindo melanggar moratorium menghentikan deforestasi di Papua

Foto-foto satelit 13 Januari dan 10 Februari 2017 menunjukkan pembukaan lahan baru di kawasan konsesi PT Papua Agro Lestari (PT PAL) milik perusahaan kelapa sawit raksasa Korindo. Menunjukkan bahwa Korindo sedang mempersiapkan pembukaan hutan seluas 2.400 hektar di Papua.

POSCO Daewoo launches agribusiness in Myanmar

According to a POSCO Daewoo official, Sunday, Korea's largest trading affiliate under POSCO group has secured construction and investment approval from the Myanmar government to build a rice processing complex (RPC) in Twante.

Korean company looking to crack open cashew nut market

Provincial administration office in Champassak, Laos gave the go ahead for a US$9 million project by Korean company G Farm for planting cashew nut trees and processing plant. Agriculture and Forestry Department plans to promote the growing of 10,000 hectares of nuts in the province.