Terres agricoles: le grand monopoly

Le premier constructeur naval sud-coréen, Hyundai Heavy Industries, vient d'annoncer sa participation à l'effort national pour sécuriser les ressources alimentaires du pays. HHI vient d'acquérir 67,6% des parts de Khorol Zerno, propriétaire et exploitant de 10000 hectares de terres agricoles dans le grand est russe, dans la région de Khorolski.

SKorea shipbuilder buys big tract of Russian land

South Korea's largest shipbuilder, Hyundai Heavy Industries, announced it will buy a big tract of Russian farmland in the latest move by Korean firms to help their crowded country secure stable food supplies.

Madagascar: A Greek Tragedy That Will Hurt Investment

Deposed President Marc Ravalomanana brought the house of Madagascar down upon himself. But he has been replaced by a young untested leader who, although he has some public support, is full of himself and clearly contemptuous of democratic institutions. The result is that investment in Madagascar, and perhaps across the continent, will be hurt, writes Stephen Hayes

Madagascar scraps Daewoo farm deal

South Korea’s project to transform Madagascar into its breadbasket, branded by some as neo-colonial, came to an abrupt end on Wednesday when the Indian Ocean island’s new president said he would shelve the plan.

Daewoo’s planned Madagascar farm in doubt

Daewoo Logistics, the South Korean company, said on Wednesday that it was confident that Madagascar’s new government would support a plan to lease a huge tract of farmland on the island to grow food crops to send back to Seoul.