Korindo: Korean palm oil giant stripped of sustainability status

Korean palm oil giant, Korindo has been rejected from the world's green certification body in the wake of a BBC investigation. Korindo controls more land in Papua than any other conglomerate. The company has cleared nearly 60,000 hectares of forests inside its concessions - an area the size of Chicago or Seoul.

The burning scar: Inside the destruction of Asia’s last rainforests

Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of palm oil, and Papua is its newest frontier. A visual investigation suggests fires have been deliberately set on the land by Korean palm oil giant that has been buying up swathes of Asia's largest remaining rainforests for their plantations.

South Korean conglomerate to exit Warragundi

Giant South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group is looking to make an exit from the Warragundi aggregation in Australia, just over a year after taking control of the largest acreages in NSW’s Mudgee region.

Komnas HAM Papua: Tindakan aparat keamanan perusahaan sawit berlebihan

Komisi Nasional HAM Perwakilan Papua menyimpulkan ada tindakan kekerasan berlebihan dalam kasus kematian Marius Betera, seorang petani di kawasan perkebunan sawit milik Korindo Group di Kabupaten Boven Digul, Provinsi Papua. Marius meninggal pada 16 Mei lalu, setelah bertikai dengan seorang anggota polisi, yang bertugas di kawasan perusahaan itu.

‘In the plantations there is hunger and loneliness’: The cultural dimensions of food insecurity in Papua

A decade ago, the Indonesian government began to heavily promote large-scale plantation in southern Papua. An investigation recently published explored how some outside investors gained rights to the land and the fallout for the indigenous population. Children were suffering from malnutrition while agricultural commodities are exported from their ancestral land.

Selling out West Papua

A video investigation on allegations of fraud and human rights abuses in billion-dollar land deals in West Papua, Indonesia to develop oil palm plantation.