Arabs invest little in agriculture

Agricultural investment firm GLB presented its Sudan alfafa production project, which produces feed for animals in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to participants at the agriculture investment conference in Sudan.

GCC investments: Wiser counsel needed

Last week, hundreds of Sudanese protested in Eastern Khartoum demanding the government revoke the sale of farming lands to Gulf investors. There is no logical reason behind these demonstrations except ignorance of the reality of the GCC approach, says economist.

Pillage organisé en Mauritanie

En trois ans, l’auto-proclamé « Président des pauvres » a établi un quasi-monopole du business : état des lieux des pillages du pays et présentation des hommes du président.

Minister of Agriculture meets Iranian Ambassador

Sudan's Minister of Agriculture discusses aspects of joint cooperation with Iran in sugar beet crops, cotton, oilseeds and rice, expressing his ministry's keenness to remove all obstacles impeding the work of investors.