Sime Darby

Liberia: The plantation blues

Alfred Quayjandi accuses both the Liberian government and Sime Darby of presenting a confused and angry population with a fait accompli, failing to consult local communities and bypassing or snubbing the local administration and traditional chiefs.

Liberia : Accaparement des terres ou opportunité de développement ?

Des centaines de villageois et d'habitants des villes du comté de Grand Cape Mount ont attiré l'attention de toute la population libérienne afin de récupérer des terres qu'ils considèrent comme leur appartenant, mais qui ont été saisies et cédées à un groupe agro-industriel malaisien.

Liberia: Land grab or development opportunity?

Hundreds of villagers and town residents of Liberia’s Grand Cape Mount Country have attracted nationwide attention in their bid to recover what they say is land seized from them and turned over to a Malaysian agro-industrial concern.

A Nobel laureate’s problem at home

Unbeknown to many outside Liberia, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf’s government may now be sowing the seeds of future conflict by handing over huge tracts of land to foreign investors and dispossessing rural Liberians.

Palm oil 'at dawn of new era of expansion'

The palm oil industry is "at the dawn of a new period of expansion" in part thanks to increasing interest from food groups, which are moving into production to ensure supplies of an increasingly important commodity.

Producteurs d'huile de palme cherchent terrains

Soumis à des contraintes d’espace, les groupes asiatiques multiplient les accords en Afrique. Si le pari est parfois risqué, les perspectives de la demande mondiale en huile de palme leur laissent entrevoir un fort retour sur investissement.