Sime Darby
24 Mar 2017 IDM
Swiss banks bankrolling illegal deforestation in Africa and East Asia
A recent report has exposed links between Swiss banks and some of the world’s largest palm oil plantation companies. Earthsight has reviewed the findings and shown that most of these firms have been involved in illegal deforestation.
09 Nov 2016 Jakarta Globe
W. Kalimantan indigenous groups accuse Sime Darby of land grabs
Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby has been called out by a representative of indigenous communities for land-grabbing in Indonesia's West Kalimantan province during the 14th annual Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil meeting, which is taking place in Bangkok.
04 Oct 2016 FPP
Les communautés font entendre leurs voix dans les discussions au sujet de l’huile de palme
Au Liberia, les communautés locales s'inquiètent de l'absence d'integration du régime foncier dans les principes directeurs de la Tropical Forest Alliance 2020
14 Sep 2016 Mongabay
Liberia land policy a ‘challenge to national development’
Liberia has long been plagued by disputes over land for farming and forestry including double land sales, corporate land grabbing, local disputes over territory, and equal gender access to land.
10 Aug 2015 Mongabay
'We want our land back': Liberian communities speak out about big palm oil
“We want our land back,” said Bindu Kannea, a mother and a farmer who lives in Grand Cape Mount County. In Liberia community resistance to palm oil expansion is about protecting their last remaining pieces of land.
03 Aug 2015 Sun Star
Foreign company to develop 30,000 hectares for oil palm
New Britain Palm Oil Ltd (NBPOL), a palm oil company operating in Papua New Guinea and in Solomon Islands is looking at Mindanao as its next area for expansion.
23 Jun 2015 Pambazuka
Land grabs in Liberia: The people rise up
The Liberian government’s refusal to recognize and respect rural people’s customary land rights is marginalizing and destabilizing local communities, leading to full-scale conflict.
10 Jun 2015 FERN
EU investors, land grabs and deforestation: case-studies
European banks and investors are a major source of finance for large-scale destructive agriculture; forestry; and pulp and paper projects.
03 Mar 2015 Reuters
Malaysia's Sime Darby completes $1.74 bln New Britain Palm Oil buy
Sime Darby Plantation Bhd, has completed the acquisition of PNG-based New Britain Palm Oil Ltd, adding 135,000 hectares to its land bank.
24 Nov 2014 TruthOut
Deforestation, "development" connected to spread of Ebola in West Africa
"In a country like Liberia, it is not possible to do large-scale sustainable plantations". Silas Siakor explains the link between the Ebola epidemic and the ruthless exploitation of forest resources in the region.
10 Oct 2014 The Star
Sime unit makes RM5.6bil conditional general offer for NBPOL
The offer for New Britain Palm Oil Ltd would give Sime Darby over 140,000 ha of oil palm and sugar plantations in Papua New Guinea, as wells as 28,000 ha of lands on which to expand.
01 Sep 2014 Sun Daily
Sime Darby has contingency plan prepared for Indonesian cap on foreign ownership
Sime Darby Bhd has a contingency plan ready for a possible change in legislation on foreign ownership of plantation land in Indonesia.

Sime Darby

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