The G8 and land grabs in Africa

The G8 countries are implementing a New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in six African countries that will facilitate the transfer of control over African agriculture from peasants to foreign agribusiness.

How Africa could feed the world

Former Nigerian president Obasanjo calls on African Union to develop a framework for managing foreign investment in agriculture, and says governments should consider a moratorium on large-scale land deals pending legislation to protect smallholder farmers.

Beware G8 motives, JK, others cautioned

Four African leaders attending the rich nations’ meeting that opens in Washington today have been cautioned to be wary of the G8’s New Alliance to Increase Food and Nutrition Security, noting that it poses a serious threat to small-scale farmers in Africa.

Text of the G8 Summit communique

"We support continued efforts to develop principles for investment in the agricultural sector undertaken by the World Bank, regional development banks, FAO, UNCTAD, and IFAD," say G8 heads of state.

« N’attendons des Ogm aucun miracle »

Il faut être extrêmement attentif à ce que la dimension Nord-Sud n’en vienne pas à occulter ce qui, dans ce phénomène, constitue la dimension principale : le risque de tension entre les intérêts des élites des pays hôtes des investissements et ceux des communautés locales que ces investissements affecteront le plus directement dans leurs moyens d’existence – petits paysans, populations indigènes, éleveurs de bétail.