Grève du sexe, ventes de terres : les conversations de Nairobi

Le débat tourne plutôt sur la question de la vente ou non des terres aux étrangers, et non aux riches nationaux... Et si les écologistes conservateurs multiplient lobbying et pressions pour faire capoter les contrats, il ne s'agit pas pour eux de défendre les intérêts des fermiers.

Learning tricks of the trade

Some Gulf countries may now be realising the importance of offering direct loans to African countries as a means to increase Arab investment.

Gulf Africa Strategy Forum 2009

The lack of systematic collection of data and categorising private and official investments from the Gulf has made it difficult to reach an accurate estimate of total investments, made so far.

Kenyans Have Concerns Over Land Deal in Time of Hunger

As Kenya prepares to declare a national emergency in response to food shortages, the government's agricultural policies have come under growing scrutiny. A proposed deal to lease land to the government of Qatar for agricultural use has received particular attention.