Kenya: Fears over new land deal

Activists say as many as 150,000 people in the Tana River delta could be displaced by the Qatari land-lease deal -- and it is not the only one in Kenya.

Food pirates: Indian firms buying farm land in Africa

I wonder why the people (and more importantly the political leaders and elite) of the African and Latin American countries are not opposing and driving these companies out from within their national borders. The reason is simple. The rich and elite of every country is the real beneficiary of the process of globalisation.

India cultivates Africa

Indian firms have signed land deals in Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar to produce a range of food crops for export to India.

Kenya at a crossroads

Corruption has reached tremendous levels in Kenya. The distance between the poor and wealthy is at its greatest and Kenyans are wondering how to emerge from an unjust system in the land that gave birth to Humanity.

La pugna por la tierra amenaza a los africanos

Las adquisiciones de tierra en África, Asia y Latinoamérica, tal y como se hacen en la actualidad, suponen condenar a los más pobres a ser desalojados de sus fincas o a perder acceso a la tierra, al agua y a otros recursos, según el primer estudio sobre la nueva tendencia de grandes corporaciones y gobiernos de invertir en tierras en países pobres, encargado por las agencias de las Naciones Unidas de la Agricultura y Alimentación y del Desarrollo (FAO y UNDP).

Technology and land grabs: Redefining peasantry in Africa

I came across the word “peasant” as a small boy in 1979. That was my second year of learning the English language when government Census officials came knocking on our door in Western Kenya armed with two big English words I had never heard before; “Occupation” and “Peasant!”