Land rush in Africa

Agribusiness and global investors are scooping up farmland. Are corporate farmers the new colonialists? asks BusinessWeek

Land bank scheme now comes under scrutiny

The plan to create a land bank brings back memories of the fury that greeted proposals by the Qatar government to buy 40,000 hectares in Tana River for agricultural purposes in exchange for $3.5 billion for the Kenya government to build a second deep-water port in Lamu.

China may sponsor Lamu Port

No deal was ever secured with Qatar, and China is now being eyed as a more appropriate suitor for the project.

Le Premier ministre du Kenya félicite Obama

Par ailleurs, le Premier ministre du Kenya, Raila Odinga, déclare que la nouvelle politique agraire s'attaquera à la question de l'accaparement des terres et autres mauvaises pratiques dans le cadre de l'administration des terres du pays.

Egypt's Citadel to invest $200-$400 mln in 2010

Citadel, which also announced on Tuesday that it was investing in 500,000 feddans (210,000 hectares) of farmland in Sudan, is also looking to potential investments elsewhere in Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia.

Delta project reignites land rights battle

Most of the Orma and Pokomo communities living in the Tana River delta do not have title deeds and a government agency claims ownership of the land, but locals say the land was handed to them by their ancestors.