Sprott Resource

Wealth manager - What about buying up the farm?

The model of owning farmland and operating it suits long-term, low-risk investors, with most investments so far being from institutions. The downside is that farmland investments provide little chance of a quick exit, unlike more liquid holdings.

Food crisis: Fields of gold

According to Steve Yuzpe, the CFO of Sprott Resource, ongoing population growth, dwindling arable land, water issues, even the falling yield productivity delivered by genetically modified seeds will be the big drivers for continued record demand—pushing food prices ever higher.

Sprott still goes with the grain

Eric Sprott's hunger for commodities may have wavered since last year's price collapse took a hefty strip off revenues at Sprott Inc., his money-management business. However, the legendary hedge-fund manager is still placing bets on at least one commodity: grain.