26 Jan 2018 WatsupAfrica
Karuturi flower farm under receivership expected to kick-start its revival
Karuturi Flower Farm in Naivasha has started negotiations for an out of court settlement with its creditors. The move is expected to kick-start the revival of the flower farm which was put under receivership in 2014.
23 Oct 2017 Agri-East Africa
Interview with Geoffrey Morley, Director, Cross Agriculture Ltd, bronze sponsors of the Agribusiness Congress East Africa in Kampala
"We currently manage over 50 000 acres of agricultural land in East Africa and are growing over 20 different crops."
13 Oct 2017 The Standard
Indian lender finally puts Karuturi on the market
ICICI Bank has put Naivasha-based Karuturi Ltd up for sale over a disputed Sh4 billion loan. The planned sale could mark the end for the erstwhile world’s largest rose flower producer.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi demands compensation from Ethiopia for failed land deal
Karuturi Global Ltd., an Indian flower grower, demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of failed land deals as it prepares to exit the Horn of Africa nation.
21 Jul 2017 Nation
Kenya: Tourist firm Crayfish sues Twiga Roses over unpaid debt
A Naivasha company has sued the cash-strapped flower firm Twiga Roses, formerly Karuturi Limited, seeking to eject it from its land over unpaid land rent and illegal acquisition.
09 Jul 2017 Business Daily
Bank allowed to revive Sh4bn claim against Karuturi
Kenya's Court of Appeal has opened the door for Indian bank ICICI to revive its plans to sell Karuturi’s land in Naivasha valued at $80 million to recover loans extended to the flower firm
09 May 2017 ARTE
Vertueuses, les multinationales ? Le business de l'aide au développement
Une part croissante de l'aide publique au développement serait-elle détournée au profit de grandes multinationales du secteur agroalimentaire ? Une enquête stupéfiante menée dans trois pays africains.
17 Mar 2017 The Standard
Why rice project is sinking in Nyanza swamp weeks after Raila accused of extortion
The fate of the Multi-billion shilling Yala swamp Dominion Farms project in Siaya hangs in the balance following a fallout between an America investor and Nyanza politicians.
14 Feb 2017 The Nation
Kenya: No Valentine’s Day rose from Karuturi flower farm, again
Three years later after going into receivership, hopes of revival are a withering prospect and hundreds of families that once formed a thriving community revolving around the Naivasha-based company are living in squalor.
10 Feb 2017 RRI
Tenure and investment in Africa
Analysis details statistical evidence of key trends in tenure-related disputes between companies and local peoples across Africa, including their causes as well as the prevalence of violence, work stoppages, and regulatory interventions.
09 Feb 2017 RRI
Tenure foncière et investissements en Afrique : Analyse comparative des tendances clés et facteurs contextuels
Le présent document fait une représentation empirique des causes et des effets des litiges fonciers entre les acteurs du secteur privé et les populations locales dans différents pays et sous-régions d’Afrique.
30 Jan 2017 Agence Ecofin
Rwanda : le groupe Rai installera bientôt une plantation de cannes à sucre de 8 000 hectares
Le conglomérat industriel Rai group signera un accord avec le gouvernement rwandais sur la mise en place d’une plantation de cannes à sucre de 8 000 ha


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