• Kagame woos Indian investment
    • East African
    • 09 Nov 2014

    Rwanda is pushing for massive irrigation projects to boost agricultural production, where an investment of $200 million is needed for 35,800 hectares of farmland.

  • Wheat is the real deal for Rwandan farmers - Experts
    • Rwanda Focus
    • 07 Aug 2013

    Figures show that the demand for wheat even within African countries is growing - making it one of the most strategic crops for investors seeking to buy land in Africa to invest in.

  • African MPs want transparency in land deals
    • The New Times
    • 30 Apr 2013

    African lawmakers have resolved to strengthen existing laws at the national and regional level to prevent fraudulent land deals on the continent

  • Reining in land grabbers or dumbing down the debate?
    • GRAIN
    • 28 Feb 2013

    Governments in a number of countries are trying to address concerns about land grabbing by closing their borders to foreign investors. Are these restrictions effective? Not really, says GRAIN.

  • Rwanda seeks land reforms
    • East African
    • 18 Jan 2013

    Foreigners will not be allowed to lease land for a period exceeding 49 years and those who fail to put their land to use will face stiff penalties, which include repossession.

  • Rwanda : les terres agricoles, "c'est presque cadeau"
    • Jeune Afrique
    • 03 Jul 2012

    Les exploitations rétrécissent à mesure que la population rwandaise se densifie. Pourtant, des baux longue durée sont concédés à des sociétés étrangères. Les raisons de ce paradoxe.

  • Egypt: Seeking to grow cereals on African farmland
    • IRIN
    • 11 Oct 2010

  • Food security in Africa: China's new rice bowl
    • China Brief
    • 27 May 2009

    Most Chinese investment in African agriculture is concentrated in southern Africa: Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and, increasingly, Angola.

  • Gulf Africa Strategy Forum 2009
    • Khaleej Times
    • 23 Feb 2009

    The lack of systematic collection of data and categorising private and official investments from the Gulf has made it difficult to reach an accurate estimate of total investments, made so far.

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