Razgulay founder arrested on embezzlement charges

Investigators discovered that top managers signed fictitious agreements to buy land for a total of 20 billion rubles, and that the money was later transferred to shell corporations before disappearing.

Altima buys 8.18 pct in Gruppa Razgulyay

Altima Restructure Fund Ltd. (Altima), a unit of an international agricultural investor Altima Partners, has acquired an 8.18 pct stake in Russian agricultural holding Gruppa Razgulyay.

Public hearing: Food security

With famine hitting the horn of Africa, the European Parliament holds a full-day hearing on food security challenges in developing countries, looking at EU policies, sustainable farming, commodity speculation, land grab and other key food-related issues.

Brazil outback lures Argentine farm giant

El Tejar will plant more than 1 million acres in Mato Grosso this upcoming season and nearly 2.75 million acres across South America, making it the largest farm company in the world.