Madhvani wins Amuru land case

Thousands of residents of Amuru District community, in Uganda, could soon lose their land after Gulu High Court ruled that over 40,000 hectares be given to Madhvani Group of companies to grow sugarcane.

Uganda/Mubende: Hunger muss vor Gericht!

Vor mehr als zehn Jahren wurden rund 400 Bauernfamilien in Mubende, Uganda, von ihrem Land und aus ihren Dörfern vertrieben. Sie mussten einer Kaffeeplantage weichen.

África está en venta

Grandes compañías compran tierras para producir alimentos que luego exportan - Mientras, los habitantes locales pasan hambre.

Simmering tension over forest give-away

A plan to replace a large swathe of protected rainforest in Uganda with sugarcane could lead to further civil unrest in a year when nine people have been killed during strikes and protests against the rising cost of living.

Afrique de l'Est : terres en vue

En proposant d’injecter 2,5 milliards de dollars (1,7 milliard d’euros) dans le secteur agricole du continent noir, les géants indiens de l’agroalimentaire s’apprêtent à battre le record des deals agricoles signés en Afrique au cours des cinquante dernières années.

Who owns Buganda?

The land of a traditional kingdom within Uganda has been used as a political threat and reward for over a century. It grows grain, it may have oil and gas, and it is home to the quickly expanding capital