Stop land grabbing before it’s too late

For most Ugandans, the processes that government uses to acquire land for investment are not clearly understood. The land valuation processes, the purchase price and related transactions are never clear, leaving the majority of the occupants vulnerable.

Der große Landraub

Doch wie erleben Kleinbauern und Ureinwohner vor Ort die Landnahme der Investoren? Thomas Kruchem hat in Uganda, Kambodscha, Argentinien, den Philippinen und Äthiopien recherchiert.

Bangladesh to lease Sudanese farmland

Bangladesh yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South Sudan to take a 10-year lease on Sudanese farmland to grow crops aimed at ensuring food security of both the countries.

Communal land associations: A perfect solution to land grabbing

With communal land associations communities will be having one voice and if anybody, be it government or investor, is interested in their land, that person is made aware of that the group is organized and therefore not easy to simply deploy graders to start tiling or clearing the land.