Run for nature: The fight to save Africa’s forests

As the world concentrates on dealing with COVID-19 pandemic, multinational companies continue to evict communities from their land, tearing down their lives and their sovereignty to plant monocrops like oil palm and sugar cane in Africa, or GMO soy in South America.

Olam secures a US$176 million term loan from IFC and JICA

The funds will be used for the procurement of specific agri-commodities from smallholder farmers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Uganda as well as the expansion of Olam’s cocoa processing facility in Indonesia.

Seeds of Gulf-Africa agribusiness

When Gulf nations face food, security, and water scarcity issues, one response is to seek lucrative agricultural investments in fertile African lands. Yet, while such deals can bring benefits to the countries involved, there are also sizeable risks