• Egypt's Citadel to invest $200-$400 mln in 2010
    • Reuters
    • 29 Sep 2009

    Citadel, which also announced on Tuesday that it was investing in 500,000 feddans (210,000 hectares) of farmland in Sudan, is also looking to potential investments elsewhere in Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia.

  • The new landlords
    • Times of India
    • 26 Sep 2009

    Ramakrishna Karuturi does not feature on any international power list. Perhaps he should.

  • Uganda: Museveni blocks Libyan ranch deal
    • The Monitor
    • 21 Aug 2009

    President Museveni on February 23 wrote to Finance Minister Syda Bbumba advising against allowing foreigners to buy large chunks of land in Uganda in order to grow food.

  • World Bank hails investment in Ugandan farming
    • Reuters
    • 14 Aug 2009

    A group of Saudi-based investors announced earlier this monthy a seven-year plan to develop and plant 700,000 hectares to produce 7 million tonnes of rice in countries like Uganda.

  • Egypt: Southern farming
    • Business Today
    • 10 Aug 2009

    The wheat farms in Sudan & Uganda are not Egypt’s first foray into overseas farming — the government operates a corn farm in Zambia, a rice farm in Niger, a vegetable farm in Tanzania and plans 14 more farms across Africa — but they are significant because they are among the first efforts to address wheat scarcity after the instability of 2008.

  • Des investisseurs saoudiens lancent un projet de riziculture en Afrique
    • Reuters
    • 03 Aug 2009

    Le programme, du nom « 7X7 », prévoit de développer 700 000 ha de terres agricoles pour produire en 7 ans 7 millions de tonnes de riz au Mali, au Sénégal et peut-être au Soudan et en Ouganda.

  • Saudi-based partners launch Africa rice farming plan
    • Reuters
    • 03 Aug 2009

    The $1bn project, dubbed 7X7, aims at developing 700,000 ha of farmland to produce within 7 years 7 million tonnes of rice in Mali, Senegal and maybe Sudan and Uganda.

  • Is a recolonization of Africa underway?
    • New Vision
    • 14 Jul 2009

    I wonder how many other behind-the-scenes transactions are currently underway in the continent that will only be announced when the deals have been signed and perhaps money has exchanged hands.

  • Uganda: Negotiate land deals carefully
    • New Vision
    • 03 Jul 2009

    In the case of Uganda, Egypt has shown interest in acquiring 200 hectares for wheat production.

  • Artistic impression down on the farm
    • Financial Times
    • 17 Jun 2009

    The Sekem Group, Egypt’s foremost producer and exporter of organic food to Europe and the US, is not a typical Egyptian enterprise.

  • Questioning old traditions
    • IPS
    • 17 Jun 2009

    Uganda's minister of agriculture literally pleaded with the agribusiness delegates at a forum in Capetown to take advantage of Uganda’s extremely advantageous deals for private investors in the agricultural sector.

  • La Chine et l’Afrique : cela ne fait que commencer
    • Les Afriques
    • 07 Jun 2009

    Au delà de sa boulimie pour les matières premières du sous-sol africain, la Chine a aussi commencé à s’intéresser à l’agriculture africaine.

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