Sri Lanka
12 Jul 2017 CCFD
Sri Lanka : appuyer les pêcheurs face à l’accaparement du littoral
Deux ans après le changement de régime, le pays est engagé dans un Plan d’aménagement du territoire qui se traduit par un accaparement des terres et du littoral généralisé, selon les militants du Nafso
15 Apr 2017 Mongabay
RSPO accused of letting palm oil firm proceed with dodgy audits in Papua
The company, PT Nabire Baru, is alleged to have grabbed indigenous lands. Its parent, Goodhope, is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
10 Jan 2017 Daily News
Swiss investor to pump Rs 900 mn in dairy farm
A Swiss investor who "hails from one of the richest families in the world" is planning to construct a 150 acre dairy farm in Ambewela, Sri Lanka with an investment of Rs 900 million.
07 Nov 2016 CorpWatch
Goodhope Asia accused of land grabbing in West Papua for palm oil
PT Nabire Baru plantation encroaches on the customary lands of the Yerisiam Gua peoples, who have written letters and protested peacefully against the project for the last four years. In 2012, the company was reported to have cleared 32,000 hectares in Nabire province.
29 Apr 2016 FPP
Yerisiam Gua people of Papua face down land grabs and intimidation by palm oil company
The company, which has most recently bulldozed the local community's sago palms, is a subsidiary of RSPO member Goodhope Asia Holdings, registered in Singapore and owned by Carson Cumberbatch PLC of Sri Lanka.
22 Oct 2014 Europa Press
Sri Lanka: El Parlamento aprueba una ley destinada a prohibir la compra de terrenos por parte de extranjeros
La nueva ley prohíbe a ciudadanos, compañías y empresas locales que cuenten con más de un 50 por ciento de propiedad extranjera comprar terrenos en el país.
20 May 2014 PSO
Qui est responsable des accaparements de terres dans le monde?
Peuples Solidaires et ActionAid dénoncent aujourd’hui la façon dont les gouvernements encouragent la ruée mondiale vers la terre à travers des mesures incitatives offertes aux investisseurs privés et aux entreprises.
14 Oct 2013 PANAP
PAN AP partners launch 'land grabs' book to mark 'World Foodless Day'
Partner organizations of Pesticide Action Network - Asia and the Pacific launch a book compiling seven case studies on land grabbing in the region as part of its activities to mark "World Foodless Day"
04 Oct 2012 PAN AP
Troubled waters of Sri Lanka
In 2008, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority launched the Kalpitiya Dutch Bay Resort Development Project, displacing many traditional fishing and farming communities.
10 Sep 2012
Sri Lanka’s Touchwood acquires land in Cambodia to set up an agricultural project
Sri Lanka’s Touchwood Investments PLC has acquired 11,138 hectares of land in Cambodia to set up an agricultural project to plant rubber and other crops.
20 Jul 2012 PANAP
Organisations in Asia strategise in opposing land grabbing
Participants from various communities shared documented cases, stories and photos of how large-scale investments of local and foreign owned companies are displacing communities and how people oppose such type of investments.
09 Apr 2012 Asia Sentinel
The search for food security gains momentum
India, which doesn’t allow corporate farming domestically, has joined the growing list of countries going overseas to look for food security.

Sri Lanka

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