CFS on landgrabbing

Official documents from the 36th session of the FAO Committee on World Food Security (Rome 11-16 October 2010) concerning their discussion of landgrabbing

Dossier : Le grand défi alimentaire

Le gouvernement éthiopien mettra 2,7 millions d’hectares à disposition des investisseurs étrangers, 1,6 million d’ici à octobre, à des conditions privilégiées. Enquête excellente de l'Hebdo en Ethiopie et au Madagascar.

ILC global report on Commercial Pressures on Land: issues and conceptual framework

The International Land Coalition, in close collaboration with its members and partners, has started a research process that will lead in the second half of 2010 to the release of a global report seeking to understand the current and anticipated impacts on poverty of commercial pressures on land, and to explore possible policy and operational solutions both to mitigate negative impacts and to enable poor land users to benefit from possible opportunities.

Sowing the seeds of regret?

Increasingly, the land deals are coming under the scrutiny of the UN and watchdog groups such as Grain, the International Land Coalition and the IFPRI. That's because it is not obvious that they are win-win situations.