The financialisation of land sales

Watch the recording of a panel discussion from the Oxford Real Farming Conference with FIAN International, Agter and Land Matrix Ukraine

Unequal land, unequal societies

Land inequality is even larger than previously thought, and that this has dramatic effects on poor people’s livelihoods, particularly those of women and young people.

Desigualdade Fundiária, drama global

Estudo revela como as políticas neoliberais criam um campo de “desertos verdes”: sem trabalho, devastador e monótono. Oligarquia rural, agronegócio e fundos especulativos unem-se, controlam terras e são cada vez mais hostis à democracia

1% of farms operate 70% of world's farmland

Researchers find control over the land has become far more concentrated both directly through ownership and indirectly through contract farming, which results in more destructive monocultures and fewer carefully tended smallholdings.

The worldwide race to own fertile land

Three-quarters of the 20 states most affected by land grabbing are in Africa and Asia and among the poorest in the world, and in these countries the rights of the population have scant protection.