• Mitsui toma controle da Multigrain
    • Valor Econômico
    • 14 Jan 2011

    A japonesa Mitsui confirmou na quinta-feira que fechou acordo para comprar, por US$ 225 milhões, a participação de 44,2% que a cooperativa americana CHS tem na trading Multigrain

  • Mitsui to pay 40 billion yen for Brazil company, Nikkei reports
    • Bloomberg
    • 12 Jan 2011

    Mitsui plans to buy 44.2% of Brazilian grain broker Multigrain SA, who owns in excess of 100,000 ha of farmland, equal to 2% of the total cultivated land of Japan

  • Overseas interest in farming assets
    • Otago Daily Times
    • 24 Oct 2009

    Cash-rich overseas pension funds and investors have been scouting for New Zealand dairy farm investments,

  • Japan changes tack to fix food shortage
    • Financial Times
    • 03 Aug 2009

    After focusing for decades on oil, metals and minerals, Japan's huge trading houses are turning to agricultural commodities, with Tokyo enthusiastically supporting the shift amid concerns about local and global food security .

  • Aso takes aim at wealthy states' 'land grabs' in developing world
    • Japan Times
    • 08 Jul 2009

    Prime Minister Taro Aso says he will call on world to develop principles promoting responsible foreign investment in agriculture in the face of "land grabs" of large-scale farmland in poor nations to ensure food supplies for wealthy nations.

  • Japan to promote farm investment overseas for food security
    • Bloomberg
    • 27 Apr 2009

    Japan is considering providing loans from a government-owned bank for companies to purchase and lease farmland abroad, Munemitsu Hirano, counsellor at the international affairs department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said.

  • Mitsui May Boost Farm Investment Overseas on Demand
    • Bloomberg
    • 16 Dec 2008

    Mitsui & Co., Japan's second-largest trading company, may increase investment in farming overseas to secure food supplies as competition from China, the biggest grain consumer, intensifies. The company is seeking new targets after taking a 39.35 percent stake in Multigrain AG, which produces soybeans in Brazil, the world's second-largest grower.

  • CHS, Mitsui & Co. raise stake in Multigrain JV in Brazil
    • World-Grain.com
    • 08 Oct 2008

    The owners of Multigrain, a leading Brazil-based agricultural commodity business, announced today the company has acquired 100,000 hectares (247,000 acres) of farmland and related processing operations intended to strengthen its ability to serve customers around the world.

  • Japan trading firms bet big on food, eye Asia
    • Reuters
    • 20 Aug 2008

    Japan's big trading houses, which have enjoyed bumper years from betting on iron ore and metals, are getting into the food market, aiming to tap voracious demand in China and emerging economies.

  • Hopes and Strains in China's Oversea Farming Plan
    • Economic Observer
    • 03 Jul 2008

    China's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) was drafting policies to encourage domestic companies to rent or buy land abroad for farming, especially for planting soy bean, the EO learned. The MOA had identified five regions, including Central Asia, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, for five major Chinese state-owned farming companies to invest in.

  • Japan Mitsui affiliate buys Brazil farmland
    • Reuters
    • 13 Nov 2007

    Brazilian grain broker Multigrain SA has bought 100,000 hectares of farmland and related operations in Brazil to secure a stable supply of soybeans and other farm produce, Japan's Mitsui & Co Ltd, a part owner of holding company Multigrain AG, said on Tuesday.

Who's involved?

Who's involved?

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