Goodvalley acquires production facility in Poland
    In connection with the acquisition, the Danish company expands the Group’s arable land bank in Poland through a 20-year lease agreement for 530 hectares of land nearby.
    • Global Newswire
    • 04 Jun 2020
    Vermont allocates $125 million to two agriculture funds
    The Vermont Pension Investment Committee has invested $100 million in the Nuveen Global Farmland Fund, which aims to make farmland acquisitions averaging $20m across the US, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Romania and Chile.
    • PI Online
    • 02 Oct 2019
    Cargill enters Polish protein market with poultry acquisition
    US-headquartered Cargill has completed the acquisition of Polish food and fresh chicken firm Konspol, adding a feed mill, broiler farms, and processing plants to its Global Poultry network.
    • Food Navigator
    • 07 Jan 2019
    The great Polish land grab
    Land prices have increased dramatically and despite a moratorium on foreign land purchasing, foreign entities have found a way to buy land. Polish farmers are despairing and protesting en masse.
    • ARC 2020
    • 08 Jun 2018
    Eastern Europe turns back on single market
    EU’s newest members say big Western European landowners and multinational supermarkets are wiping out their farmers and shopkeepers.
    • Politico
    • 16 May 2017
    Wanted ! Terres agricoles
    Ce mois de mai a vu expirer la dernière règlementation transitoire qui devait protéger les "nouveaux venus" d’Europe de l’Est, contre les investisseurs étrangers à l’affût des terres agricoles.
    • ARTE
    • 20 May 2016
    La Pologne barre la route aux agriculteurs étrangers
    C’était une promesse de campagne importante des ultraconservateurs du parti Droit et justice, arrivé au pouvoir il y a six mois en Pologne : protéger les terres agricoles polonaises contre l’achat par des étrangers ou des institutions financières à des fins de spéculation.
    • Le Monde
    • 27 Apr 2016
    Poland raises fences to block farmland sales
    New land law makes it almost impossible for foreigners to buy Polish farms. But it’s difficult for Poles, too.
    • Politico
    • 25 Apr 2016
    Polish farmland bill may breach the EU law
    The Polish government, which is already at loggerheads with EU institutions over its constitutional reforms, could also be in trouble over a farmland bill which was passed in parliament today.
    • EU Observer
    • 14 Apr 2016
    Poland: State ag land sales to be suspended
    Polish Ministry of Agriculture proposes new legislation suspending for 5 years sales of the state owned agricultural land. The proposed legislation aims to strengthen the protection of agricultural land in Poland from speculative purchases by domestic and foreign buyers
    • USDA FAS
    • 22 Jan 2016
    Kinnevik sells Rolnyvik for a cash consideration of SEK 400m
    Investment AB Kinnevik today announced that it has sold its Polish agricultural business Rolnyvik, which holds 6,700 hectares of land in Poland, for a total consideration of approximately SEK 400m in cash.
    • Kinnevik
    • 12 Nov 2015
    Polish farmers arrested defending farmland
    Police arrest 11 farmers from Pyrzyce where 60% of farmland has already been sold off to foreign buyers. The farmers are accused of blocking tenders connected with the foreign sale of farming estates.
    • ICPPC
    • 14 Oct 2015

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