• Africa becomes wary of farm deals: land activist
    • Reuters
    • 09 Jun 2009

    African nations are becoming more cautious in selling farmland to foreign investors, with governments paying closer attention to deals that could lead to social unrest, AGRA says

  • Food security in Africa: China's new rice bowl
    • China Brief
    • 27 May 2009

    Most Chinese investment in African agriculture is concentrated in southern Africa: Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and, increasingly, Angola.

  • Africa: Tractored out by “land grabs”?
    • IRIN
    • 11 May 2009

    Mohammed Mbwana, who farms in the Tana River delta area and is an official of a local NGO, said the Qatar agreement would displace thousands of locals. At least 150,000 families in farming and pastoralist communities depend on the land in question, said to be part of Kenya’s biggest wetland.

  • Now Malawi agrees to lease land to Djibouti
    • Coastweek
    • 17 Apr 2009

    Malawi has agreed to lease arable land to Djibouti for crop production, leaders of the two countries have disclosed, the Nations reported on Tuesday.

  • Investing: Into Africa
    • Canadian Business
    • 07 Mar 2009

    Cru Investment Management PLC, a company based in Cardiff, UK, forecast a 30% return for an agricultural fund that generated profit from farms in Malawi.

  • Lonrho secures rice land deal in Angola
    • Financial Times
    • 16 Jan 2009

    Lonrho, the pan-African conglomerate listed in London, has secured leasehold rights to 25,000 hectares of rice paddies in Angola and is negotiating two bigger land deals in Mali and Malawi, in another sign of investor appetite for African land.

  • Asset-backed Real Islamic Investments Offer Remedy to Financial Uncertainties, says UK-based cru Investment Management
    • Zawya
    • 25 Oct 2008

    The fund, which will invest in commercial agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, has dual-purpose - to ensure returns in the range of 15-20 per cent, while the investment helps to create jobs and give rural Africans the chance to help themselves out of poverty. Currently, cru has significant exposure to commercial agriculture in Malawi with over 2,500 hectares of land under its own control and another 4,000 hectares in outgrower schemes.

  • FACTBOX: Investing in Africa: Land and agriculture
    • Reuters
    • 07 Oct 2008

    Soaring food prices, supply fears among import-dependent countries and rising demand for biofuels have driven up investment in agricultural land, notably in Africa.

  • UK firm plans to launch Africa Agriculture Fund
    • Gulf Daily News
    • 21 Sep 2008

    Cru Investment Management, the UK-based $800 million absolute return investment company, yesterday announced targeting the region and unveiled its plans to offer its new Africa Agriculture Fund in the Middle East early next year .This fund will invest in commercial agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the aim of helping to alleviate poverty in the region, while not compromising returns for investors.

  • Buy into Africa
    • Investor Chronicle
    • 15 Aug 2008

    Cru, a small specialist fund management firm, recently launched a Malawi-based fund called Africa Invest. The fund has made an initial investment of £2m in 2,000 hectares of land that’s producing paprika for western supermarkets. With land prices starting at £800 per hectare (compared to £10,000 in the UK) it’s relatively easy to amass large farms that can be upgraded with new technology, mechanisation and better production methods. According to Cru, annual returns on capital should exceed 30 to 40 per cent.

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