01 Sep 2017 Mongabay
Philippine palm oil plan ‘equals corruption and land-grabbing,’ critics say
With its renewed promotion of what it calls the “Sunshine Industry,” the Philippine government is looking to cultivate another one million hectares of oil palm, 98 percent of which would be on the island of Mindanao.
15 Aug 2017 Mongabay
International investment blamed for violence and oppression in Sarawak
NGOs in Sarawak and around the world report failures by the Sarawak government to uphold indigenous land rights, and failures by international banks and investors to ensure their investments are conflict-free.
15 May 2017 FOE US
TIAA tied to deforestation and displacement of farmers, environmentalists claim in new report
According to a report released today by leading environmental and social justice advocates, the investment management firm TIAA is leading a trend of speculating in land markets, which drives up farmland prices and displaces family farmers.
31 Mar 2017 LVC
Peasants' houses in Mekar Jaya - the ''hometown of agrarian reform'' in Indonesia - razed down by a plantation firm
Less than 72 hours after President Joko Widodo's orders to implement the agrarian reform through land redistribution, peasant families of Mekar Jaya Village in Langkat District of North Sumatera Province in Indonesia were in for a rude shock.
27 Mar 2017 WRI
Logging, mining, and agricultural concessions data transparency: A survey of 14 forested countries
Report gives an overview of the availability of information for land concessions in Brazil, Canada, Cambodia, Colombia, Indonesia, Liberia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Republic of the Congo, and Russia.
13 Mar 2017 Interncontinental Cry
Will you help us to save Palawan from the oil palm rush? Open letter to 'Mam Gina', Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Regina Lopez
By inviting Malaysian oil palm investors in Palawan, Philippines, President Duterte is doing exactly the opposite of what he promised to do
03 Mar 2017 IDM
Revealed: the carbon time-bomb inside the world’s largest tropical peatland
By far the largest current risk to this uniquely valuable ecosystem in the Congo is a giant concession issued to Malaysian firm Atama Plantation for the development of palm oil.
12 Jan 2017 EIA
Green Desert: Communities in Tanintharyi Renounce the MSPP Oil Palm Concession
This notorious palm oil industry has now expanded to Myanmar with devastating consequences for human rights and the environment
29 Nov 2016 Eleven
Malaysians top investors in agriculture
The secretary of the Myanmar Investment Commission said foreign investments in agriculture were low because Myanmar has unclear policies in relation to land ownership.
28 Nov 2016 Value Walk
KLK withdraws from customary land in Collingwood Bay, Papua New Guinea
KLK announce withdraws from customary land in Collingwood Bay, but has not clarified overall plans for its total land bank of 44,342 ha in the region or its 37,000 ha plantation deal in Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.
23 Nov 2016 Le Courrier
Huile de palme: je t’aime moi non plus
La société civile suisse demande que l’huile de palme soit retirée de l’accord de libre-échange de la Suisse avec la Malaisie, en dénançant le lourd tribut payé par la petite paysannerie malaise, qui voit ses terres confisquées au profit d’immenses étendues de palmiers à huile.
22 Nov 2016 Business Mirror
Malaysian firm to invest $1 billion in Philippines palm oil plantation
Alif Oil Trading Co. is looking for 128,000 hectares of land in Agusan del Sur to establish oil palm plantations


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