• Upheavals in economy and food security
    • Japan Today
    • 23 Sep 2008

    Japanese food corporations are stepping up their diversification and security of food sources, in particular taking ownership of the entire supply chain, from owning the farms in other countries, through to the processing and distribution of the food stuffs.

  • Japan trading firms bet big on food, eye Asia
    • Reuters
    • 20 Aug 2008

    Japan's big trading houses, which have enjoyed bumper years from betting on iron ore and metals, are getting into the food market, aiming to tap voracious demand in China and emerging economies.

  • International Capital Taps into China's Agricultural Sector
    • China Stakes
    • 06 Aug 2008

    Goldman Sachs recently invested US$300 million to acquired full control of more than 10 poultry farms in China.

  • Japanese firms tap China's farming industry
    • Gov.cn
    • 03 Jun 2006

    Three Japanese firms, including two on the Fortune magazine's world top 500 list, have jointly leased 100 hectares of farmland in east China's Shandong Province, to become the first foreign investors in China's farming industry.

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