21 Nov 2017 Food Navigator
Fonterra increases stake in Lithuanian dairy to drive export growth
Fonterra has increased its investment in Lithuania's biggest dairy producer, AB Rokiskio Suris, to support its New Zealand milk pool and further grow its export markets such as the Middle East.
27 May 2016 Politico
Commission pushes Eastern states to ease farmland ownership rules
The European Commission is giving five Eastern European countries two months to bring their agricultural land purchasing rules in line with the European Union standards or it may pursue legal action.
29 Jun 2015 Agrimoney
KTG Agrar unveils China hopes, as Fosun takes 9% stake
Hong Kong-listed Fosun International, a conglomerate with investments in businesses ranging from holiday resort chain Club Med to upmarket circus show Cirque de Soleil, is to buy 9% of German farm-operator KTG Agrar.
21 Apr 2015 Deutsche Welle
Agri-investors stoke monoculture
With more savvy investors buying up farmland, land prices have doubled within five years and the result is mega-farms like KTG Agra, which owns 50,000 ha in eastern Germany, Lithuania and Romania.
13 Aug 2014 KTG Agrar
KTG Agrar SE releases hidden reserves
Some 4,000 hectares of farmland in Lithuania sold to a German institutional investor and leased back for 18 years.
29 Jun 2014 Prensa Rural
Fracasa referendo en Lituania para prohibir la extranjerización de la tierra
El país báltico se comprometió a liberalizar su mercado de la tierra y a eliminar la prohibición de vender tierras a los extranjeros en un período de transición de 10 años, tras unirse a la Unión Europea en mayo de 2004.
27 Jun 2014 RFI
Lituanie: référendum sur la vente de terres agricoles aux étrangers
Ce dimanche 29 juin 2014, les Lituaniens se prononcent par référendum sur la vente de terres agricoles aux étrangers.
21 Mar 2014 Baltic Course
Three companies to be split-off from Lithuanian Invalda
17 companies owned by NASDAQ traded Invalda LT, holding about 3,000 ha to be transferred to new company INVL Baltic Farmland.
18 Feb 2014 Reuters
La Lituanie pourrait prohiber la vente de terres à des étrangers
La Lituanie va organiser un référendum sur une interdiction de vendre des terrains à des étrangers
14 Apr 2011 La France Agricole
Lituanie et Slovaquie peuvent interdire la vente de terres jusqu'en 2014
La Commission européenne a autorisé la Lituanie et la Slovaquie à prolonger jusqu'en 2014 l'interdiction de vendre des terres agricoles aux étrangers, afin d'éviter une éventuelle spéculation
27 Jan 2011 AFP
La Lituanie veut interdire la vente de terrains agricoles aux étrangers
Le gouvernement de la Lituanie demande à Bruxelles de prolonger l'interdiction de vendre des terres agricoles aux étrangers jusqu'en 2014, afin d'éviter une éventuelle spéculation.
23 Aug 2010 Baltic Reports
Agrowill ups share capital €18 mln
In an extraordinary shareholder’s meeting Lithuanian agribusiness conglomerate Agrowill agreed to increase the company’s share capital by €18 million to fund new projects.


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