Le "néocolonialisme agraire" gagne du terrain dans le monde
    Conséquence directe de la crise alimentaire mondiale et de la volatilité des cours, les projets d'achat ou de location de terres agricoles à grande échelle, parfois sur des centaines de milliers d'hectares, se multiplient.
    • Le Monde
    • 23 Sep 2008
    Saudi Arabia joins in the Ethiopian land grab
    Saudi Arabia, which is making efforts to provide food security for its nationals, can look up to Ethiopia where huge tracts of unutilized agricultural land are available for growing cereals, according to Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.
    • Ethiopian Review
    • 07 Aug 2008
    Ethiopia gives Djibouti's Guelleh farmland-officials
    Land-locked Ethiopia has given Djiboutian President Omar Ismail Guelleh large tracts of land for wheat farming and a lakeside holiday home, officials said on Tuesday.
    • Reuters
    • 22 Jul 2008
  • Women living near the #Socapalm oil palm plantation in Edéa, Cameroon, are struggling for their land, autonomy and livelihoods. Please read their account and sign in support before 15 December: https://forms.gle/gBKbFCv2Bizzpfbt7
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