Touche pas à mes terres ! Spéciale de France Inter

Première destination l'Ethiopie, l’un des pays où cette question se pose avec beaucoup d’acuité. Deuxième destination la Chine qui a un grand besoin de nouvelles terres. Troisième destination Madagascar, où le projet d’achat de terre par Daewoo a été complètement abandonné.

Foreign agro firms scoop up Ethiopian farmland

"What Karuturi is doing is what Africa needs, wants and deserves," says Ram Karuturi. Yet 400 Ethiopians have signed a petition saying they received no compensation after being evicted from land taken over by Karuturi.

Tear down the stonewall of secrecy

Runaway farmland and borderland giveaway deals need to be publicly scrutinized to ensure transparency (detect corruption and criminality) and to make certain that private interests (sweetheart deals) have not overtaken the public interest, or secret deals are not made to harm the Ethiopian national interest.

Ethiopia on the verge of colony of many

The main objective of this essay is to draw the attention of fellow Ethiopians to the issue. So that it stays front and center in our contemporary political agenda, until we manage to mobilize the necessary popular pressure and try our best to stop it from taking effect.

The new breadbasket of the world?

As swathes of their country’s land is leased, cleared and prepared for food production by foreign companies, Ethiopians are divided over whether this constitutes ‘agro-colonialism’ or much-needed development