Karuturi Global on Ethiopian plans

Sai R Karuturi, founder and MD of Karuturi Global, says the company has acquired a very large piece of land in Ethiopia and has started agricultural production from it.

Karuturi Global on Ethiopian plans

"Personally, I believe that in five years or in ten years time I would like to be seen and compared with peers such as Cargill or the Archer Daniels of the world or the Bunges of the world."

Saudia Arabia eyes US for ag investing, contracts

Saudi Arabian investors are looking to expand their agricultural investments in the United States to secure long-term food supply because of water shortages in the desert kingdom, Saudi officials said on Thursday.

Let's welcome Japanese investors

Recently, Kanayo Nwanze, head of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, told a news conference: "It is the wrong language to call them land grabs. They are investments in farmland--like investments in oil exploration."