04 Apr 2017 Arbetet
World Bank ignores land grabbing
New documentary film shows how sales of huge land areas of Ethiopia, by the Ethiopian government, to foreign investors, have led to starvation and forced displacement, and how the World Bank is complicit.
13 Jan 2017 Bloemisterij
Development of new horticultural area in Ethiopia
While Dutch ag investors get priority access to 1500 ha near Hawassa, their embassy is helping the Ethiopian government start a conversation with its discontented population.
19 Dec 2016 Sudan Tribune
Saudi High-level delegation concludes Ethiopia’s visit
Last week a Saudi delegation has requested 100,000 hectares to invest in alfalfa plant (livestock food) integrated project and in livestock processing.
16 Dec 2016 Geoforum
Host country governance and the African land rush
George Schoneveld of CIFOR provides 7 reasons why large-scale farmland investments fail to contribute to sustainable development
10 Dec 2016 Walta Info
Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia to establish joint-team for feasibility study on agriculture
A joint team drawn from both Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia will be established to carry out feasibility study and come up with investment ideas in the sector.
23 Nov 2016 Re:Common
What is there to hide in the Omo Valley?
For several years in the Omo Valley numerous companies have operated to carry out various mega agro-industrial projects. New report examines how all these activities are undermining the Valley communities’ access to land and the role of Italian cooperation.
30 Oct 2016
Ethiopia’s crisis is a result of decades of land disputes and ethnic power battles
The Ethiopian government’s push to lease large swaths of land to foreign investors and private interests has fueled unbridled corruption and displaced thousands of people.
25 Oct 2016 Reuters
Ethiopians who fled over land rights now face eviction from Calais "Jungle"
People from Oromiya, a region at the heart of Ethiopia's industrialisation efforts, accuse the state of seizing their land and offering tiny compensation, before selling it on to companies, often foreign investors, at inflated prices.
23 Oct 2016 Daily Mail
Dutch farmer on Ethiopia violence: 'I was terribly scared'
After nearly a year of protests, demonstrators in Ethiopia turned their anger to foreign investors who they blame for occupying land appropriated by the government.
16 Oct 2016 TV5Monde
"Terres à vendre" : un tour du monde de l'accaparement des terres agricoles
Le livre-reportage Terres à vendre est une minutieuse enquête sur les rachats de terres agricoles par l'agroindustrie, de partout sur la planète. Un ouvrage édifiant et inquiétant sur un phénomène mondial en pleine expansion.
10 Oct 2016 ASO
Ethiopia: At least 700 feared dead at Irrecha religious festival
Anywaa Survival Organisation is greatly concerned about the worsening security situation in Ethiopia and the government's criminalisation of food security, land and human rights defenders, journalists and political opponents.
27 Sep 2016 Oakland Institute
Miracle or mirage? Manufacturing hunger and poverty in Ethiopia
Report exposes how authoritarian development schemes have perpetuated cycles of poverty, food insecurity, and marginalized the country’s most vulnerable citizens.


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