15 Nov 2017 Addis Fortune
Elfora’s farmland set ablaze by protesters
Protesters in the Oromia Regional State burned down about 70ha of a corn farm that belongs to ELFORA Agro-Industries Plc- a company owned by Sheikh Al Amoudi, who is currently under arrest in Saudi Arabia.
15 Nov 2017 Gulf Times
Qatar, Ethiopia sign pact on investment protection
Qatar's Minister of Economy and Commerce said the agreement would help facilitate investment co-operation between Qatar and Ethiopia in various sectors, particularly in agriculture and food security.
07 Nov 2017 Bloomberg
Saudi corruption purge snares $33 billion of net worth
Arrests of some of Saudi Arabia's richest people includes two businessmen with large-scale farmland investments: Alwaleed bin Talal investing in Egypt and Mohammed Al Amoudi in Ethiopia.
02 Nov 2017 AL-Monitor
Sudan's crop opportunities could be Egypt's boon or bust
Sudan wants to expand agricultural production and investments, which could benefit it as well as Egypt, but Cairo worries that such a development might threaten its supply of the Nile's water.
02 Oct 2017 The Reporter
Karuturi contemplates legal recourse for loss in Ethiopia
Claiming to have made an investment of US$75M and created 4000 jobs, Karuturi is not only appealing for the release or re-export of its properties but to sue Ethiopian officials hereferred to as “responsible” for violations of rights of a foreign entity.
22 Sep 2017 Africa Intelligence
Game over for Flora EcoPower
One final straw for the German company which owns 70,000 ha of land in Oromia has put a definitive end to its Ethiopian adventure.
22 Sep 2017 Africa Intelligence
Fin de partie pour Flora EcoPower
Le groupe allemand propriétaire de 70 000 hectares de terres en Oromia a vu un dernier événement mettre un point d'arrêt définitif à son aventure éthiopienne.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi exige une compensation de l’Éthiopie pour une affaire foncière ratée
La multinationale annonce son intention de sortir du pays suite à l’annulation de son allocation de terres. Karuturi est l’un des premiers investisseurs étrangers à louer des terres en Éthiopie.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi demands compensation from Ethiopia for failed land deal
Karuturi Global Ltd., an Indian flower grower, demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of failed land deals as it prepares to exit the Horn of Africa nation.
21 Sep 2017 Bloomberg
Karuturi pide indemnización a Etiopía por un negocio sobre tierras fallido
La empresa planea salir del país después de que se cancelara su asignación de tierras. Karuturi fue uno de los primeros inversores extranjeros en arrendar tierras en Etiopía.
12 Aug 2017 Addis Fortune
French company relocates investment plant over land dispute
The Oromia Investment Commission faces a challenge in relocating 600 farmers from the 335ha of land leased to European Food and Cattle Plc in East Shoa, Ethiopia.
12 Aug 2017 Addis Fortune
Une entreprise française délocalise l’investissement d’une usine suite à une dispute foncière
La Commission de l’investissement de la région de l’Oromia est confrontée au défi de délocaliser 600 paysans de 335 hectares de terres d’un total de 800 hectares louées à la SARL European Food and Cattle


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