• UAE plans to invest in farmland in Kazakhstan, says president
    • Food Business Review
    • 16 Jul 2008

    President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed, has said that in order to secure food supply for the country, the government wants to invest in farmland in Kazakhstan

  • UAE looks abroad for food security
    • Gulf News
    • 09 Jul 2008

    The UAE is actively looking at acquiring farmland in Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa and South America in an effort to ensure the availability of food stocks, according to the UAE Minister of Economy.

  • RSG set to enhance rice production
    • The Tide News
    • 19 Jun 2008

    The Rivers State Government has reiterated its resolve to create an enabling environment to enhance rice production and processing, as well as promote and protect other agricultural business interests in the state.

  • Wikileaks: The great land grab
    • Wikileaks
    • 30 Jun 2006

    "Economic development is spurring a land grab in broad areas of the country, and the poorest Lao are paying the price," reports the US Embassy in Vientiane

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Who's involved?

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