• The growing lust for agricultural lands
    • Le Monde
    • 14 April 2009

    Not a day goes by without new acreage being signed over. "For Sale" ads for agricultural property are now featured in the international financial press. And there's no dearth of clients.

  • Les terres agricoles, de plus en plus convoitées
    • Le Monde
    • 14 April 2009

    "Je crois que les tensions seront inévitables où que ce soit, faisant des enclaves agricoles étrangères de véritables forteresses assiégées."

  • RP, Bahrain sign $300-m farm investment package
    • Manila Standard
    • 30 Mar 2009

    The Philippines has signed a $300-million investment agreement with Bahrain to establish agro-fishery businesses in the country.

  • Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund plans to up foreign investments
    • Arab Times
    • 30 Mar 2009

    “We are looking at the food sector, financial services, telecommunications, hospitality and transport,” Zain said, adding the firm was aiming to buy minority stakes that would give it “some extent of control”.

  • Bahrain to set up $500m Manila agri JV
    • TradeArabia News Service
    • 14 Mar 2009

    Bahrain and the Philippines have signed an agreement to set up a $500 million joint agricultural company to help achieve food sufficiency in the kingdom and the GCC states.

  • DTI sees hike in investments approvals for Mideast bizmen and local tycoons
    • Business Mirror
    • 25 February 2009

    “[Middle East investors] wanted to go on a long-term lease of huge tracts of land and they will plant various crops and then enter into a contract to buy the produce because they need food to feed their people,” Trade Secretary Peter Favila told reporters.

  • Saudi Arabia to establish agricultural trade with RP
    • GMA News
    • 24 February 2009

    An estimated $238.6 million will be alloted by the Saudis to set up cash crop fruit plantations consisting of bananas, mangoes, and pineapples, an agriculture official said.

  • Improving food security in Arab countries: Is land acquisition a viable strategy?
    • World Bank
    • 31 January 2009

    Saudi Arabia and the UAE are worldwide leaders in buying farmland in third-party countries, followed by China and Japan, says the World Bank.

  • China and the great global landgrab
    • Pambazuka
    • 11 December 2008

    Stephen Marks looks at the latest rush by China and countries in the middle east to sign lease agreements in poor countries for agricultural production, and what this trend means in terms of food security and access to arable land for local populations.

  • 3 Gulf firms sign major farm deal with Turkey
    • Arab News
    • 02 November 2008

    Vision3, an alliance of three major Gulf financial institutions, has signed a landmark deal with Turkey paving the way for nearly $9 billion investment in Turkey’s agricultural sector.

  • Turkey the winner in Gulf's investment hunt
    • Turkish Daily News
    • 01 September 2008

    As the increase in oil prices continue to help boost the income of Persian Gulf nations, Turkey is becoming a magnet for Gulf-based investors aiming to establish strategic food reserves

  • Bahrain: Investing in Food Security
    • Oxford Business Group
    • 24 August 2008

    8In a bid to ensure its long-term food security, Bahrain is negotiating a series of import agreements and investing in farmland in South East Asia.

  • Send a letter calling on the financial backers of Agilis Partners to stop the land grabs and human rights violations against the Kiryandongo community in Uganda
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