Gulf food security: is there enough, and at what price?
    Both public and private sector investors in the Gulf are also looking at ways to improve local food supplies, by investing in a range of outlets from arable farm land in the Sudan, Algeria and Pakistan to introduce new technology to enhance the local production of foodstuffs and grains, livestock, poultry and fish.
    • The Middle East
    • 01 July 2008
    Solution to Gulf countries’ food scarcity lies in Africa
    China has taken a lead in efforts to boost Africa’s farm production, putting pressure on GCC states to also find long-term solutions for food supply in Africa
    • Arab News
    • 30 June 2008
    UAE ‘should invest in foreign farms’
    The UAE and its food-importing neighbours are “particularly vulnerable” to spiralling costs and should make significant investments in “contract farming” in Africa and Asia, says the UN’s Gulf food chief, Dr Kayan Jaff.
    • The National
    • 21 June 2008
    Gulf eyes oil-for-food pacts
    Recent attempts by Persian Gulf countries to invest in farmlands abroad to counter soaring inflation and guarantee long-term food security could prove to be a win-win situation in the short term for both the oil-rich region and its investment-hungry neighbors, but continued high oil prices may neutralize the gains in the long-run, say experts.
    • Inter Press Service
    • 20 June 2008
    GCC plans to fight food crisis
    A new joint strategy for agricultural investment will be launched by the GCC soon, it was announced in Bahrain yesterday.
    • Gulf Daily News
    • 18 June 2008
    Middle East economy: Food outsourcing
    The Saudi government announced that it would co-ordinate with local private-sector companies and invest in strategic agricultural interests in key producer countries such as Brazil, Ukraine, Thailand and India, guaranteeing for itself supplies of cereals, meat and vegetables. It is already in advanced negotiations with Thai investors and a deal on rice farms in Thailand is likely before the end of the year.
    • Economist Intelligence Unit
    • 18 June 2008
    Farm projects in fertile Arab nations can cut GCC gap
    Gulf oil producers need to set up agricultural projects in fertile Arab countries to achieve self-sufficiency and to bridge a massive farm deficit that exceeded $12 billion (Dh44bn) in 2006, a Gulf group said yesterday.
    • Emirates Business 24/7
    • 28 May 2008
    Pakistan farm sector eyes major share of GCC's $200b food imports
    Pakistan’s agriculture sector has the potential to cater to the food requirements of the GCC region, which spends over $200 billion on farm imports.
    • Pakistan Investment Division & Board of Investment Media Release
    • 20 May 2008
    Pakistani farm talks are murky
    Talks aimed at acquiring large agricultural plots of land in Pakistan were not expected to yield results any time soon, a senior Pakistani government official has said.
    • The National
    • 13 May 2008
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