• Pension funds and land grab – an inconvenient truth
    • Dutch Fair Pension Guide
    • 24 February 2021

    This study examines whether the ten largest Dutch pension funds have investments in companies involved in land rights violations and if they are taking concrete steps to prevent and mitigate land rights violations.

  • Dutch pension fund divests from Posco Daewoo over deforestation in Indonesia
    • Mongabay
    • 26 June 2018

    APB, the Dutch pension fund for government and education employees, announced it would divest 300,000 euros from Posco Daewoo over deforestation in Indonesian Papua.

  • Australia's $1 billion beef boom funded by foreign investment and super
    • AFR
    • 16 May 2016

    Australia's cattle station sector is set to reach more than $1 billion-worth of deals in less than a year, with the two biggest sources of investment being the controversial areas of foreign investment and superannuation.

  • Las semillas de la discordia
    • FUHEM
    • 20 December 2013

    El documental está grabado en una pequeña comunidad del norte de Mozambique, en la provincia de Niassa, donde una compañía, Chikweti, establecida con inversiones de iglesias suecas y noruegas y del fondo de pensiones holandés ABP, está creando grandes plantaciones de árboles.

  • Seeds of discontent
    • FIAN
    • 02 October 2013

    Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch investors in Mozambique land grab: powerful new documentary gives a compelling visual portrait of how investment by private financial players can undermine food security and human rights in developing countries.

  • ABP, PFZW to stick with controversial palm oil firm
    • IPE
    • 28 May 2013

    Dutch pension funds say they will remain invested in Wilmar International due to their successful efforts to engage with the controversial palm-oil company accused by many of land grabbing

  • The anatomy of a Mozambique land deal
    • IRIN
    • 22 May 2013

    A multi-million dollar “ethical” plantation development in northwestern Mozambique - the initiative of a clutch of Scandinavian faith-based organizations - has faced alleged acts of sabotage by the very people it was designed to assist, illustrating the divisions between foreign benefactors and local communities.

  • European banks and penion funds fuel land-grabs in Uganda
    • FOE
    • 21 May 2013

    European banks and pension funds continue to finance one of the largest and most destructive palm oil giants Wilmar International, according to new research released today by Friends of the Earth Europe.

  • Landroof Maleisië gesponsord door Nederlandse banken en pensioenfondsen
    • Duurzaamnieuws
    • 13 May 2013

    Het Maleisische palmoliebedrijf Wilmar is wereldwijd op grote schaal betrokken bij landroof, milieuovertredingen en schending van nationale wetten bij palmolieprojecten.

  • Small Peasants, Big Plantations : Negotiating Land in Niassa. Mozambique
    • TheWaterChannel
    • 04 November 2012

    The Mozambiqan government has marked the northern Niassa province to promote commercial, large-scale tree plantations. Currently, the single biggest plantation in the region comprises of 13,000 hectares of eucalyptus and pine, owned by a company called ‘Chikweti Forests of Niassa.’

  • Small peasants, big plantations : Negotiating land in Niassa, Mozambique
    • Water Channel
    • 01 October 2012

    A delegation of peasants from Niassa recently travelled to The Netherlands and met lawmakers, students and investors in the Chikweti plantations, including the Dutch national pension fund ABP, the biggest investor in the project.

  • Commodity falls spark investor rethink
    • CNBC
    • 13 July 2012

    Passive indices have been replaced by new sophisticated active indices and pension fund managers like APG are investing in natural resources assets, including farmland.

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