Argentine farm sales raise questions of land speculation by Soros
    Hedge fund billionaire George Soros made a fortune betting against the British pound in 1992 and was accused of doing the same against the Thai baht and the Malaysian ringitt in 1997. Today Soros is making a killing buying and selling farmland in South America.
    • CorpWatch
    • 16 January 2013
    Soros-backed Adecoagro takes land gains to $132m
    Adecoagro realised more of the substantial gains within its 283,000-hectare landbank by selling one of its Argentine farms in a deal valuing it at 11 times the purchase price a decade ago.
    • Agrimoney
    • 04 January 2013
    Adecoagro data raise fears over Argentine farmland
    Adecoagro, the South American farm operator backed by George Soros and Dwight Anderson, said that growth in the value of its huge land portfolio slowed to 5.6%, fuelling concerns over the impact of Argentine curbs on foreign investors.
    • Agrimoney
    • 14 November 2012
    Soros-backed Adecoagro sells farm at 14 times cost
    Adecoagro, which owns nearly 300,000 hectares of land in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, said it had sold its San Jose site for $1,212 per hectare, compared with a purchase price of $85 per hectare in 2002.
    • Agrimoney
    • 15 August 2012
    Soros-backed farms ripe for bid at 36% discount: Real M&A
    Adecoagro, the agricultural company that counts George Soros as its biggest investor, is giving potential buyers the chance to get a hold of farms in Brazil and Argentina at a 36 percent discount to its net assets.
    • Bloomberg
    • 14 June 2012
    Latin America: The fat of the land
    Fertile soil and good water supply – but lagging development – present a compelling opportunity for agriculture investors, finds Stephanie Schwartz-Driver
    • IPE
    • 03 January 2012
    Argentina: el millonario George Soros compró tierras en zona productiva de Bandera y Los Juríes
    Lo hizo a través del fondo de inversión Adecoagro, que cuenta con emprendimientos agrícolas y agroindustriales en prácticamente toda Sudamérica. En Santiago del Estero ya tenía campos en el departamento Belgrano, donde produce oleaginosas y cereales. El valor de la hectárea en esa zona ronda los 7 mil dólares.
    • El Liberal
    • 23 December 2011
    Argentina fences off land to foreign buyers
    Argentina has joined a handful of other big farming nations such as Brazil that have taken steps to limit foreign ownership of what their governments consider precious resources: farmland.
    • Wall Street Journal
    • 23 December 2011
    Adecoagro captures gains from land transformation
    Adecoagro announced today that on November 30, 2011, it completed the sale of "La Alegria" farm, located in General Villegas, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a total price of $13.7 million.
    • Adecoagro
    • 01 December 2011
    Soros’s Adecoagro drops Argentine dam on environmental dispute
    Adecoagro SA, the South American farm venture backed by billionaire George Soros, pulled out of a project to build a dam and grow rice in Argentina after the government said the development may harm the environment.
    • Bloomberg
    • 15 September 2011
    Investors make land bets as agriculture play
    Agrifirma, a private investment company backed by financier Lord Rothschild, transferred around half of its assets to a new joint venture with Brazilian private equity firm BRZ Investimentos.
    • Market Watch
    • 13 September 2011
    Soros sigue comprando tierras en la Argentina
    Su firma Adecoagro sumó un campo en Santiago
    • Clarín
    • 20 August 2011
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