Food crisis may divide Middle East's oil haves, have-nots
    “Buying farms is not a bad thing,” Panos Konandreas, acting director of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Geneva, said in a telephone interview. “If you are like Saudi Arabia and have all the resources in the world, you can help farms optimize their strategies and there will be more production.”
    • Bloomberg
    • 17 May 2008
    Pakistani farm talks are murky
    Talks aimed at acquiring large agricultural plots of land in Pakistan were not expected to yield results any time soon, a senior Pakistani government official has said.
    • The National
    • 13 May 2008
    UAE needs to invest in Egypt farm sector
    UAE wants to boost investment in Egypt’s agricultural sector in the light of the current rise in prices of commodities worldwide.
    • Emirates Business 24/7
    • 13 May 2008
    UAE investors buy Pakistan farmland
    Dubai-based Abraaj Capital, one of the Middle East’s largest private equity companies, has been quietly buying farmland in Pakistan as part of plans by the United Arab Emirates to increase food security and to damp inflation.
    • Financial Times
    • 11 May 2008
    UAE may buy Pakistan farms
    Inflation and the spectre of long-term food shortages have prompted the UAE Government to consider a new strategic investment – the purchase of large-scale farms in Pakistan and other countries.
    • The National
    • 06 May 2008
    Firms to invest in farms in Pakistan
    The worldwide shortage of food grains coupled with high food prices is driving leading food companies and investors from the UAE to Pakistan in search of lucrative deals in the agriculture sector in of one of the world’s major food exporters.
    • Emirates Business 24/7
    • 28 April 2008
    Al Qudra : Le holding concrétise doucement ses projets au Maroc
    Al Qudra cible 14.000 hectares dans l'huile d'olive et a participé aux appels d'offres lancés par les pouvoirs publics marocains relatifs aux terrains des Sodea-Sogeta. D'autres terrains sont en cours d'analyse pour démarrer les travaux de plantation, a déclaré le management.
    • Le Matin
    • 27 February 2008
    A new national strategy for agriculture
    The Moroccan government has pursued a strategy of leasing state-farms previously under the management of Société de Développement Agricole (SODEA). A large number of bids were made by agricultural businesses from France, Egypt, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.
    • Oxford Business Group
    • 12 January 2008
    Investissements Emiratis au Maroc : De gros contrats dès juillet prochain
    Al Qudra a fondé la société Ikhlas spécialisée dans la production et la distribution de l’huile d’olive et il vient de prendre une option dans la création d’une société mixte dans le secteur des pêches maritimes
    • Gazette du Maroc
    • 25 June 2007
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