• Duxton Asset Management and its investment in Tanzanian rice farming
    • 31 December 2013

    Case study of Duxton Asset Management's planned investment in Kapunga Rice Farm in Tanzania

  • La riziculture pourrait connaitre un boom en Afrique
    • AFP
    • 14 June 2011

    "Il se pourrait que d'ici 25 ans l'Inde ou la Chine tirent des ressources significatives de leurs implantations en Afrique subsaharienne", prévoit Robert Zeigler, directeur général de l'Institut international de recherche sur le riz (IRRI).

  • Bangladesh seeks African land
    • BBC
    • 23 May 2011

    Companies in Bangladesh are planning to lease thousands of hectares of land for agriculture in some African countries. Robert Ziegler, the Director General of the International Rice Research Institute, believes that Bangladesh's food strategy will become more widespread.

  • Slow progress on land-grabbing regulation
    • IRIN
    • 29 November 2010

    As wealthy investors continue to buy up agricultural land in the developing world, stakeholders disagree over how to regulate such transactions.

  • Food prices rise as Asia projects stall
    • Wall St Journal
    • 26 September 2010

    Some projects aimed at increasing food production in Asia have been dropped or delayed amid the financial crisis, notes a new report by IRRI and the Asia Society.

  • Transnational ‘land grabbing’ now a global concern
    • Malaya Business Insight
    • 13 June 2010

    "Land grabbing" will be featured on the agenda of a high-level conference on the rice industry in November 2010 in Vietnam, where 17 agricultural ministers will be in attendance.

  • Is there such a thing as agro-imperialism?
    • New York Times
    • 19 November 2009

    There’s a whole school of economic thought that says that Collier is wrong, that big is not necessarily better in agriculture — and that the land deals therefore might be unwise not because they’re wrong but because they’re unprofitable.

  • Accaparement des terres arables : Du riz mauritanien pour nourrir les saoudiens !
    • Le Quotidien de Nouakchott
    • 12 October 2009

    Avec un déficit de 25% dans sa consommation de riz, le royaume d’Arabie saoudite recherche de nouveaux «débouchés » pour s’approvisionner en Afrique notamment dans les pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest où il s’arroge d’énormes superficies acquises à cet effet. La Mauritanie ne déroge pas à cet appétit.

  • “Land grabs” for rice production due to supply threats
    • IRRI
    • 28 September 2009

    IRRI is not involved in any projects on land acquisition for rice production, nor does it provide advice on land acquisition, but it does find ways to help increase the overall rice supply

  • Food pirates are expanding their tentacles, Pakistan an easy target
    • Ground Reality
    • 24 September 2009

    The 'Food Pirates' are fast expanding their network, their reach and their control over land. And it is happening fast in our own neighbourhood, writes Devinder Sharma.

  • Saudi threat to India's basmati
    • India Today
    • 22 September 2009

    "The real worry is that IRRI may help Saudi Arabia produce aromatic rice varieties in Pakistan where these countries have bought large tracts of lands," food policy commentator Devinder Sharma said. "India and Pakistan are already bitter rivals in the Basmati export segment."

  • La course aux terres ne faiblit pas
    • Politis
    • 17 September 2009

    Il est difficile de cerner l’ampleur réelle du phénomène récent d’appropriation de terrains cultivables dans les pays du Sud. Mais des études font fortement douter du bénéfice que ceux-ci pourraient en tirer.

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