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Turkish Agriculture & Rural Affairs Minister Mehdi Eker

TurkeyPress Scan | 13/06/2009

Ankara (A.A) - These are some of the major headlines and their summaries in Turkish press on June 13, 2009. The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.



Turkey called on Arab investors, whose investments fell in recent months, to come to Turkey and make investments in all industries from energy and real estate to agriculture.

Turkish Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker said, "We have made maps of all our lands. Take and cultivate which you want."
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  1. arca
    16 Jun 2009

    UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION OF http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/?im=yhs&hn=59714 Ayhan of CHP asked the sales of agricultural lands CHP’s member of parliament of ?zmir ,Selcuk Ayhan, asked the Prime Minister Erdogan: “Until today, was there any agreements on sales or arrant of agricultural lands that has been done by your parliament?” by reminding the claims on the lands in Turkey that are sold for 500 million dollars to Bahrain. Ankara- CHP’s (the opposition party) Member of Parliament of ?zmir ; Selcuk Ayhan brought the claims of media to the parliaments agenda. In the news that are given according to the Economist magazine, the lands in Turkey are sold for 500 million dollars to Bahrain. Ayhan said “In the 15th of April 2009, in the Bahrain - Turkey Economics Forum in which President Abdullah Gül and 6 ministers including the minister of agriculture Mehdi Eker attended a 500 million dollars agricultural agreement between Turkey and Bahrain is signed according to the news.” Moreover, Akyan asked below question to the Prime Minister Erdogan:, “Until today, were there any agreements on sales or arrant of agricultural lands that have been done by your government ?” “If any, which are those countries and companies?” “It is stated that some counties’ citizens who have a valid residence permission and some trade companies that are founded in foreign countries are provided with the possibility of owning a fixed property (real estate) in Turkey even if they don’t have mutual interests with Turkey. Which are those companies and countries? What is the basis of your parliament and ministers since this attribution don’t take place in the laws?” “Is there any corporate / legal people who own fixed properties in irrigation areas, agricultural lots, protected areas, strategic territories, etc. even if they don’t have mutual interests with Turkey?” “If there is, what is the number of these lots and their locations?”

  2. arca
    16 Jun 2009

    UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION of http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/?im=yhs&hn=62206 “Land Peace” Question from CHP’s Ayhan CHP’s member of parliament of ?zmir Selçuk Ayhan, in his question proposal, asked the number of applications in terms of Lands Saving and Land Usage Law and Meadow Law. In his question proposal, he brought the issues of Lands Saving and Land Usage Law and Meadow Law which is also known as Cargill Law. With the law; the lands which are opened for usage except agriculture before 11 October 2004 are predicted to be used with that aim. With this, the manufacturing formations whose non agricultural activities are stopped with laws are legalised. Ayhan said “In terms of the law whose application deadline was 2nd of April, 2009; the problems of 20-22 thousand people were predicted to be solved and 5 billion liras of revenue fort he treasure was expected. Till now, 115 applications on 2 thousand 603 thousand square meters of lots are concluded and 1,9 million liras of revenue gained. The amount of people, company or enterprises doing non agricultural activities that are applied for the law are around %10; this strengthen the claims on Cargill Industries and Trade Company (US) which occupies first class agricultural lands illegally and whose activity was stopped many times by independent law courts. Ayhan asked these questions to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Mehdi Eker: *How many applications are made in terms of the law number to Agriculture provincial directorates? *How many agricultural lands are left for agricultural lands until 2nd of April 2009? *How much revenue is recorded in the treasure earned from the appropriate applications? *In terms of the statement “The problem about nearly 100 thousands hectares of non agricultural lands with mostly industrial plant on it can be solved with conciliating entrepreneurs with the state, and 5 million liras of revenue is achieved to be earned”; this new arrangement is expected to brought applications for 100 thousand hectares, but the applications are on 100 hectares. How does your ministry evaluate this? *This year is the 64th anniversary of giving lands to the farmers law. Furthermore in our country, the first Sunday after the 11th of June is Land Feast. What kind of educative and instructive activities does your ministry plans to do in this Land Feast?

  3. GRAIN
    15 Jun 2009

    Would anyone be able to translate or summarise these reports? http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/?im=yhs&hn=62206 http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/?im=yhs&hn=59714 (No idea if they are the best ones, anyway.)

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