Oakland Institute, Greenpeace expose new US corporation’s land grab in Africa

Oakland Institute and Greenpeace | 4 September 2012
Forests being cleared in Fabe, Cameroon. (Photo: SAVE-Wildlife)
Oakland, USA. — An American owned company with a track record of illegality and links to private equity giant Blackstone Group is threatening to destroy rainforests and dislocate local communities in Cameroon, Africa. The company claims they are “addressing a dire humanitarian need in the Republic of Cameroon," but fresh evidence shows this could not be further from the truth.
A new report from The Oakland Institute, in collaboration with Greenpeace International, exposes how a New York-based agri-corporation, Herakles Farms, and its local subsidiary are involved in a controversial land grab that is deceitfully portrayed as sustainable development. New documentary evidence has shown it has been opposed by locals since 2010 and is one of the largest in Africa and in the midst of a biodiversity hotspot.
WHAT: New report to debunk New York-based corporation’s effort to greenwash destruction of rainforest and livelihoods in Africa
WHERE: International telephone conference
CALL IN DETAILS(2): This will be a telephone conference, which means you can call in from anywhere in the world with the following numbers. When you call, you will be asked to provide the name of the conference call, which is: “Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: Deceit in Cameroon”. You will have an opportunity to put your questions forward by the conference moderator.
For US-based callers, call: 800-895-0198
Non-US-based callers, call: 785-424-105
WHEN: 10am EST, 4pm CET, September 5
Original source: OI/Greenpeace


  1. Anuradha Mittal
    07 Sep 2012

    Dear Andrew D You obviously have not had the opportunity to either read any of our reports to know who they are attributed to, be really familiar with our work, or have had any contact with our partners on the ground. Or else you would have a better understanding of the role OI plays, along with other civil society actors in the struggle against take over of resources from the poor. Neither have you had the time to look at our tax returns to see how "well flushed" we are through hitching a free ride on the backs of underfunded NGOs. Thus we will have to excuse your hostility stemming from your ignorance.

  2. Andrew D
    05 Sep 2012

    How is it that OI 'exposed' Herakles? There have been public campaigns and a number of thorough studies substantiating the claims of a questionable ESIA for more than a year. Now, it is supposedly OI that has exposed it? Come on, where's the humility. I remember them doing the some thing with Agrisol and Nile Trading & Development. It really is all about the limelight with these guys. Some more credit is due to the underfunded NGO's in the region that have in the face of great political resistance fought to create awareness of the issue. Here's OI looking to hitch a free ride on their backs. Chances are the report's author has not even been out to the Herakles farm. Self-ingratiating reporting.

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