BBC viewers' questions put to Cargill boss

Asked whether cases of foreign governments buying large areas of farmland in other countries concerns him, Greg Page, CEO of Carrgill, answers: "It does because I think the sociology of that will be difficult. From the standpoint of raising more calories more quickly, having large concentrations of capital coming into an area and bringing best practices is the quickest way to raise more food. Is it the best way from a long-term sociology standpoint, I think that's a much more difficult question to answer." As for companies acquiring farmland, Page says: "No company's big enough to be a police force onto itself."

Cargill is a company name that you might not be familiar with. But the chances are the firm has some impact on the food that you eat.

It supplies companies the world over with raw materials, and is one of the world's largest food commodity traders.

It is also reportedly America's biggest privately held company.

Jonathan Frewin visited Cargill's headquarters in Minnesota, to find out more about the firm from the company's chairman and chief executive, Greg Page.

The questions he asked were suggested by members of the BBC audience.

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Original source: BBC

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