Conference in Geneva looks at opportunities for global farmland investment

jetfin AGRO

| June 2010

jetfin AGRO 2010

Thursday June 10th, 2010

Grand Hotel Kempinski [Geneva, Switzerland]

All About Investment Funds in Soft Commodities, Farming, Timber

Special focus: Region specific investment opportunities

Where Investors Meet with the Best Performing Fund Managers in Agriculture


Agriculture is the bright light of today’s investment universe. The rapid rise in global demand for food is providing new opportunities for investors.

jetfin  AGRO 2010 CONFERENCE is the only event for investors, which exclusively gathers top agricultural fund managers delivering strong returns in challenging markets.

jetfin AGRO 2010 CONFERENCE is the ultimate meeting point for investors in search of sustainable and non-correlated returns when investing in agriculture. Leading successful agriculture investment managers present and explain their investment strategies.

Institutional investors and wealth managers compare  winning solutions, enabling them to take the right investment decisions in key markets such as farming, soft commodities or timber.

Confirmed Speakers

?Peter-Erik Ywema, General Manager, Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Belgium

?Nicolas Landolt, Director, Sandoz Family Office, CH / Brazil

?Giulio Franzinetti, Managing Director, ASDF BV, Netherlands

?John Coast Sullenger, Fund Manager, GAIA Capital, CH

?Olivier Baumgartner-Bezelgues, Advisor, Altarius Asset Management, CH

?Olivier Pairault, Agriculture Portfolio Manager, BlueGold Capital Management, UK / CH

?Paul Marland, Partner, LCI (Luxembourg) SA, Luxembourg

?Douglas King, Founder, Aisling Analytics, CH / Singapore

?Mari Kooi, CEO, Wolf International, USA

?Shawn Johansen, Director, Sustainable Equity Partners, USA

?Michel Tamisier, Managing Partner, Elite Advisers, Luxembourg

?Michael Whitehead, Associate Director, Macquarie Agricultural Funds Mgmt., Australia

?Detlef Schoen, Founder, Aquila Capital Group, Germany

?Pedro Herrera, Senior Vice President, HSBC Securities, USA

?Olivier Combastet, Founder, Pergam Finance, France / Uruguay

?Gonzalo Fernandez Castro, Founder, Lumix Capital, CH / Argentina

?Jan Pensaert, Founder, Valiance Asset Management, UK / Brazil

?Stephen Kenney, Vice President, Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, USA

?Anton Khmelnitski, Founder, Elbrus Capital Investments, Ukraine

?Charles Vilgrain, CEO, AgroGeneration, France / Ukraine

?Neil Crowder, Co-Founding Partner, Chayton Capital, UK

?Craig Tashjian, Principal, Amerra Capital Management LLC, USA

?Richard Davis, Fund Manager, BlackRock Investment Management, UK

?François Gilliéron, Consultant, Atlas Capital, CH

?Thomas Faure Romanelli, Managing Partner, Plus Capital, UK

Full conference programme:

JetfinAGRO 2010 brochure 06-04

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