Hassad Food launches livestock project in Australia


Qatar News Agency | December 22, 2009

Nasser Mohamed Al Hajri, Chairman of Hassad Food. (Photo: Qatar Today)

Doha, December 22 (QNA) - Hassad Food has launched a large project for producing livestock in Australia with a capacity of up to 70,000 Syrian head of sheep in its first year, and then up to 150,000 head of sheep in three years, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hassad Food Nasser Mohammed Fhaid Al Hajri has said.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Hajri said the new company, named Hassad Australia, was established in Sydney. The company will purchase farmlands for the production of grains especially wheat, with a capacity of up to 50 tons per year, an amount representing 40 percent of the volume of domestic consumption in Qatar, pointing out that grain production will start next year.

Al Hajri noted that the new company aims at producing livestock for the needs of the Qatari market and the region in general, pointing out that this project is wholly owned by Qatar's Hassad and produce a special quality of Australian sheep to finance the Qatari market with 35 percent of annual consumption.

The projects of Hassad go beyond those points to the development of the work of Qatari farmers and the development of the domestic product and make the goods available in the domestic market, Al Hajri said.

He added that the company will have a supervising and marketing role to ensure the continuation and profitability of the product.

Al Hajri concluded that Hassad will call for a meeting to be attended by all Qatari producing farmers, government bodies and relevant ministries, in particular the Ministry of Environment and Natural Reserves, the Development Bank and other relevant authorities to announce a project in this regard in order to finance its production cycle. (QNA)
Original source: Qatar News Agency

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