30 Jun 2016 AFP
Philippines: dix projets emblématiques du président Duterte
Le nouveau président philippin Rodrigo Duterte souhaite amender certaines lois restreignant les investissements étrangers mais reste hostile à la vente du foncier à des intérêts étrangers.
09 May 2016 Rappler
Philippines; Duterte open to lifting cap on foreign ownership of firms
While Duterte intends to liberalize the entry of foreign investments in the country, he said he does not want to touch the constitutional limit on foreign land ownership.
08 Mar 2016 Sun Star
100,000 hectares eyed for hybrid rice production
The agribusiness cluster of the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-Eaga) is targeting a total of 100,000 hectares for expansion of hybrid rice production area in the sub-economic region.
20 Jan 2016 Philstar
P1.3 B ready for investment in Maguindanao
The Gintong Ani Corporation of Singapore aims to initially put up a 5,000-hectare oil palm plantation in Datu Odin Sinsuat town in Maguindanao.
10 Jan 2016 Truth-out
Philippines islanders unite to resist "land grab" palm oil companies
Farmers on Palawan are being tricked into giving land away to palm oil companies with local government support. Those who resist the land grabs are now in fear for their lives following the murder of a prominent campaigner.
05 Nov 2015 Bulatlat
Farmers, indigenous peoples thumb down expansion of oil palm plantations
About a hundred farmers and indigenous peoples voiced out their opposition to the expansion of oil palm plantations in Philippines with nine companies from Malaysia and Indonesia, have signaled their intention to invest in Mindanao.
28 Aug 2015 Focus
Understanding land grabbing, land rights in the 21st Century
It is critical for farmers and advocates of land rights as well as the general public to understand how and why land grabbing is happening to make a more effective, strategic campaigning to address and stop it.
03 Aug 2015 Sun Star
Foreign company to develop 30,000 hectares for oil palm
New Britain Palm Oil Ltd (NBPOL), a palm oil company operating in Papua New Guinea and in Solomon Islands is looking at Mindanao as its next area for expansion.
02 Aug 2015 Deal Street Asia
Singapore’s Black River sells stake in PH’s AgriNurture in $7.2m deal
Singapore-listed firm Black River Capital Partners Food Fund Holdings Pte Ltd has sold most of its stake – pegged at $7.2 million (P331.2 million) – in the Philippine fruit and vegetables company AgriNurture Inc.
30 Jun 2015 TerraProject
Land Inc.
Land Inc. is a journey across Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar the Philippines and Ukraine to document what some define as a form of neocolonialism, and others as a chance for development: land grabbing
11 Jun 2015 PAN AP
#NoLandNoLife | An urgent appeal to respect the human rights of the lumads in Mindanao, Philippines and to end the militarization of their communities
Lumad (indigenous) communities in Mindanao, Philippines appeal to end the militarization of their villages and to stop the human rights abuses by the armed forces.
18 May 2015 WSJ
World Bank, Japan agency offer farm loan for Philippines
A $250 million loan package is being prepared to support foreign investment in farms in Mindanao


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