21 Feb 2013 Al Jazeera
Georgia farms face Indian 'invasion'
Thousands of Punjabi farmers have bought land in distant Georgia lured by cheap prices, angering some locals.
19 Feb 2013 RSTV
India's World - Indian firms in Africa land rush
Discussion about Indian companies grabbing land for food production in Africa
19 Feb 2013 The Hindu
How Ethiopians are being pushed off their land
Indian companies are among the biggest land holders in the African country through deals concluded in dubious circumstances
16 Feb 2013 Business Standard
Sreelatha Menon: Bloodied pulses
If there is “blood diamond”, there is also such a thing as “blood maize”, “blood soya” and “blood pulses”.
07 Feb 2013 Guardian
Indian investors are forcing Ethiopians off their land
Thousands of Ethiopians are being relocated or have already fled as their land is sold off to foreign investors without their consent.
06 Feb 2013 Business Standard
Indian companies' investments in Ethiopia displace people: Activists
Indian companies that have invested in agriculture in Ethiopia are under fire from civil society groups. The companies have been accused of large-scale land grabbing, which has led to displacement of the tribal population there.
05 Feb 2013 Oakland Institute
“Unheard voices” speak out
Indigenous Ethiopians demand a stop to human rights abuses stemming from agricultural investment policies
01 Feb 2013 PANA
Accaparement des terres en Inde et en Ethiopie
Des militants contre l'accaparement des terres en Inde et en Ethiopie vont tenir un sommet d'une journée le 06 février au Centre international de l'Inde, à New Delhi
01 Feb 2013 Collectif TANY
Plus que jamais, redoublons de vigilance sur les terres malgaches !
Alors que de nouvelles menaces lourdes pèsent ainsi sur les terres malgaches, les investisseurs connus dont les projets ont déjà été rejetés par les Malgaches continuent d’agir.
31 Jan 2013 The Hindu
No land grabbing by Indian firms in Africa: Centre
Faced with reports of land grabbing by Indian companies in some African countries, especially Ethiopia, the government says the Indian companies have taken land on lease as per rules of the country concerned.
23 Jan 2013 Oakland Institute
Convention on the great land grab saga in Ethiopia and India
A day-long conference will be held on Feb. 6, 2013 at the India International Centre, New Delhi to deliberate on the ongoing land takeover in India and in African countries like Ethiopia by Indian companies.
10 Jan 2013 Macauhub
Empresa indiana investe em Moçambique na produção de feijão-da-china e sementes de sésamo
A empresa indiana Primus Agri Projects Private Limited está a investir 3 milhões de dólares na província de Nampula, em Moçambique, para a produção em moldes empresariais de feijão-da-china (“Vigna Radiata”) e sementes de sésamo


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