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  • Thumb_plo-malawi Nyasa Times | 02 Sep 2016

    16 arrested in Malawi tea estate land grab: Thyolo villagers occupy Comforzi Estate

    The Peoples Land Organisation seeks the local people’s occupation of all idle tea estates land, as well as reparations for the years since 1914 that estates owners occupied the lands and engaged in bonded labour practices. The organisation has also been demanding from the estates owners a wage rate of £6.13 per hour (about K5 000) per individual for those who were involved in Thangata (bonded labour) between 1914 and 1963.
  • Thumb_yala_swamp Action Aid | 01 Sep 2016

    Important victories against agribusiness land grabs in Kenya

    Last month people in Yala Swamp in Kenya won a court decision against Dominion Farms, a company from the United States, which has been grabbing their land since 2003.
  • Thumb_3735 Guardian | 01 Sep 2016

    Korean palm oil firm accused of illegal forest burning in Indonesia

    A Korean palm oil company has been dropped by buyers after footage emerged that allegedly shows the illegal burning of vast tracts of tropical forest on lands it holds concessions for in Indonesia.
  • Thumb_screen_shot_2016-09-01_at_1 Bloomberg | 01 Sep 2016

    Dutch, Israeli farms in Ethiopia attacked by protesters

    A Dutch-run flower farm in northern Ethiopia was among a series of foreign-owned plantations attacked by anti-government protesters as unrest in the country spreads.
  • Thumb_sithe Mongabay | 30 Aug 2016

    Cables reveal US gov’t role in Herakles Farms land grab in Cameroon

    Cables obtained by the non-profit Oakland Institute through a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that U.S. government officials pushed Cameroon to approve a deeply controversial oil palm development owned by Herakles Farms.
  • Thumb_gina West Australian | 30 Aug 2016

    WA cattle on Chinese menu for Gina RInehart

    The Chinese company joining forces with Gina Rinehart to buy the Kidman cattle empire has one hurdle to clear in a separate deal to secure a cluster of stations in the Goldfields.

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